Episode 178 – Your Voice with Jeff Bajorek

Episode Overview

Your voice. There are so many ways to look at it. Standing up and letting yourself be heard. Your communication skills with potential clients. Your inner voice that you may push you forward or hold you back. All of these things are are covered in today’s episode with one of the greatest voices in sales. Jeff Bajorek, Leadership and Management coach, corporate and executive trainer, author and speaker is back with Gina and Susanna. 

As you know, this show doesn’t follow any script or boring pre-scripted questions. Today’s discussion starts with talking about Jeff’s amazing voice. Yes, just listen to it. But it goes well beyond that.  Your voice is what sells. It’s finding common ground with prospects to close a deal, it’s the voice that finds a balance between pushing for a sale and being patiently empathetic with a potential buyer. 

Jeff also talks about the voice in your head that keeps you from cold calling. The voice that actual picks up the phone and talks with sales leads, the one that leaves actually leaves a voicemail, which is another chance to let someone hear your voice and presence.

Susanna poses the question if people are born sellers or if they can learn to be salespeople. Jeff considers the perception around sales and how it keeps many people from even pursuing it.

He also explains the importance of focus, not spreading yourself too thin, and to do the things that give you the best results and do them well, how imposter syndrome never goes away but just changes, and if you feel completely comfortable and that you belong, you aren’t pushing yourself enough.

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