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Episode 143 – Sell It Like A Mango with Donald Kelly

Gina and Rachel are thrilled to have the one and only Donald Kelly on today’s show. Donald is a sales trainer and founder of The Sales Evangelist.
Donald started his sales career selling mangos at a roadside stand as child. While it is a far cry from where he is now, the lessons he learned there were ones that still mean something today.

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Episode 141 – Boundaries, Stress, and Throwing Axes with Justine Sones

Do you have a little stress in your life right now? Hahahahahaha! Yeah, just a bit. Gina and Rachel are both at high levels as they conquer new and challenging roles. Luckily, they have the perfect guest to help them and anyone out there, that may be feeling like they’re dangling at the end of their rope.

Justine Sones is a writer and stress management coach who helps burnt-out humans set healthy boundaries and practice sustainable self-care.

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Women Your Mother Warned You About is the podcast that makes business sexy again. Co-hosted by Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts and powered by Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy, the show is a blend of best business practices and “real life” hacks, filled with laughter, practical advice, irreverence, random chatter and some serious moments.

Gina and Rachel stress “we love men”. This is a show for women and men, while embracing all things female – from body image issues and mom challenges to how to show value in a sales conversation while wearing the best shade of lipstick. The goal of their podcast is to break down all types of barriers in business and life, making money while making others happy … and laughing as much as possible while they do it.

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