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Episode 135 – Going Rogue: Be The Very Best You

So you’re wondering if working with a sales, or other type of coach is the right decision for you. Well having three amazing sales coaches with diverse backgrounds all together discussing this topic is exactly what you need. Gina, Rachel and our old friend Keith Walters are here with some real talk on raising your game with a coach.

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Episode 134 – Make The Customer Look Good

One of the biggest names in sales is here, Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter. Aside from being a multiple best-selling author and keynote speaker, Mark travels the world helping companies to land and retain the best prospects at the best price.

Today Gina and Rachel have a wide-ranging conversation with Mark, to put it mildly. You’ll want to come for the amazing advice and insight on relationship building, the necessity of caring, and how important it is to just shut up and listen. And you will want to stay to hear about Gina’s early days in morning radio and pranks that Mark pulled at a morgue.

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Episode 133 – Selling An Idea with Rachel VanRensselaer

Today’s guest Rachel VanRensselaer, is fresh into her sales career, but already is exhibiting a deep understanding and application of sales processes that point to extraordinary things for her future. Gina and Rachel P. go step by step of how Rachel V. ran a workshop on selling from the beginning to the end of her and Rachel P.’s interaction. She also talks about using curiosity to resolve objections, how she develops her prospecting list, how she skillfully maneuvered through Covid excuses, and how growing up in a funeral home honed her communication skills.

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Episode 132 – Beans, Gravy and a Recipe For Sales Success with Carrie Martinez

Great partnerships in history succeed through combined skills, temperaments, and vision. So is the case with the success of Sales Gravy and the partnership between Jeb Blount and today’s guest, Carrie Martinez, CFO of Sales Gravy. Carrie is also Jeb’s partner in marriage, and she joins Gina and Rachel today to give some fascinating insight into the organization. From it’s humble beginnings, to the ingenuity and determination that has made it the sales juggernaut that it is today, and how her yin to Jeb’s yang creates the perfect balance in business and in life. And there is a bit about poison beans, but you’ll have to listen to find out.

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Women Your Mother Warned You About is the podcast that makes business sexy again. Co-hosted by Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts and powered by Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy, the show is a blend of best business practices and “real life” hacks, filled with laughter, practical advice, irreverence, random chatter and some serious moments.

Gina and Rachel stress “we love men”. This is a show for women and men, while embracing all things female – from body image issues and mom challenges to how to show value in a sales conversation while wearing the best shade of lipstick. The goal of their podcast is to break down all types of barriers in business and life, making money while making others happy … and laughing as much as possible while they do it.

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