Episode 179 – Shut Up and Listen with Joe Caruso

Episode Overview

How many kids do you know dream of being a car salesperson when they grow up? How many people do you know that excitedly voice their love of salespeople? We can safely say that today’s guest has a different outlook than most people, which makes him an excellent person to learn from. Joe Caruso, sales coach, trainer, author, and CEO of Do It Today sits down with Gina for a straight-talking interview with tons of great content.

Joe talks about the importance of being able to shut and listen, neuro-selling, the power of enthusiasm, the importance of scripts and practicing those frameworks enough to be loose and natural while selling. He also took some of Gina’s courses, and they discuss how practice helps to read people, how to listen, collaborate, be curious, and how to respond nimbly which makes both improv and selling work.

The conversation continues about car salespeople, their reputation and effect on sales in general. Joe emphasizes the importance of selling the right way no matter what the industry. He reminds us that acting in your customers best interest, is also acting in your own best interest, the power of discovery, how auto sales techniques are incredibly transferrable, and Gina recounts a story that shows how differentiating yourself can win you life-long clients.

PLUS! Joe gives Gina some advice on how to get her book finished!

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More about Gina

Engagement Expert – Speaker – Sales Trainer – Entrepreneur – Improv Comic

Gina is a Master Sales Trainer for Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy who combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition.

“Sass without too much crass” is how Gina Trimarco describes herself. A high energy entrepreneur, engager, speaker, trainer, improv comedienne and podcast producer, Gina credits most of her success on her upbringing by her Italian mobster dad and German immigrant mother.

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