Episode 180 – Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Episode Overview

Today’s episode starts off on the topic of hustle. Successful salespeople know exactly what Gina and Susanna are talking about. It’s the key to getting you to those closed deals, and necessary when you need to dig yourself out of a low point. They discuss what motivators they have for sustaining their drive, both positive and negative. The importance of positive energy, visualization, and collaboration. They get into a conversation about pricing, perceived value, delivering value, the importance of asking ‘why’, and how Susanna puts a stop to interview no-shows. Both Gina and Susanna divulge the best sales books they’ve read recently and share tons of tips along the way.

You’ll also hear the most… intimate English vs. American Word of the Week, and a rather unsettling Would You Rather question from Susanna. This episode has truckloads of amazing real-world sales and business tips and advice, and you’ll be laughing the whole way through. 

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