Episode 2: Overcoming Overwhelm

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Episode Overview

Your pulse quickens, your head pounds, your muscles tighten. Stress has become anxiety…anxiety has become OVERWHELM. It happens to nearly everyone in every industry. But doesn’t it seem to affect those of us in sales more often?

When you are overwhelmed you are not at your peak physically or mentally and it is impossible to perform at your best. Today we are here to help you overcome overwhelm and handle whatever challenges you have today, tomorrow and beyond.

So let’s put our big girl (or boy) panties on, breathe and prepare to rule our worlds. 

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On today’s podcast…

  • :30 – Overwhelm is a killer
  • 3:00 – We love men…BUT…women are better equipped in this area
  • 6:00 – “I would rather my clients see me exactly for who I am and sometimes I’m messed up.”
  • 10:00 – Rachel’s How to Buy a Home Guide https://www.theclosingcurve.com/
  • 14:12 – “Touching and Poking” the key to engagement
  • 20:48 – Rachel’s number one tip for overcoming overwhelm
  • 23:45 – Working meditation into your workflow: is it right for you?
  • 27:42 – “If I serve my clients the right way and really hear them and get them what they really want, not just get them something near what they want, they’re going to have a great buying experience.”

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