Episode 212 – Part 1: Quiet Quitting & Firing

Episode Overview

We’ve all seen the term “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing” over the last year in the headlines and on social media. But what does it really mean? Gina and Susanna define these terms and dig into how it may affect you in your current role.

It may seem new, but they have been known by different names for decades. Gina explains what the common denominator is that allow both of these things to happen. They discuss how quality recruitment, strong company culture, clear communications, and keeping employees genuinely engaged are the biggest steps to combat these phenomena.

They also explain strategies to employ in order to combat an unwarranted quiet firing situation, and how employers can justify terminating someone who is quiet quitting if they have the right framework in place to measure employee work standards. Gina and Susanna also come up with the 4 C’s of communication that would help to avoid either of these situations from happening.   

This is the first of a two part series covering two different topics that you don’t want to miss, because you want to be prepared if you find yourself in either of these situations.  


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