Episode 228 – Roadblocks, Runways and, DEI Navigation with Mitch Savoie Hill

Episode Overview

Get ready for the high energy and magnetic personality of today’s guest. Mitch Savoie Hill is a certified professional coach, international TEDx speaker, published author, and corporate trainer with over 25 years of hospitality and leadership experience.

She coaches individuals and teams on how to overcome their roadblocks to success and has authored an inspiring instructional book on the subject titled Volar. It contains tools, tactics, practical exercises, and sometimes hilariously tragic stories. Much of the Inspiration came from her Grandmother, who escaped Cuba with nothing. Overcoming adversity and not becoming overwhelmed unnecessarily is at the core of her message, which is so vital in sales. Volar translates to “soar”, and the goal is to soar above the obstacles. It’s also an acronym for a five-step formula for achieving personal, professional, or group goals despite the roadblocks.

Mitch and Gina also discuss Mitch’s work with DEI training. Her eloquent stories and truth put the subject into an effective frame of understanding. There is an abundance of amazingly valuable knowledge in this episode, along with engrossing stories that can help to remove obstacles and soar to greater heights.

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More about Gina

Engagement Expert – Speaker – Sales Trainer – Entrepreneur – Improv Comic

Gina is a Master Sales Trainer for Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy who combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition.

“Sass without too much crass” is how Gina Trimarco describes herself. A high energy entrepreneur, engager, speaker, trainer, improv comedienne and podcast producer, Gina credits most of her success on her upbringing by her Italian mobster dad and German immigrant mother.

Prior to joining Sales Gravy, Gina founded and operated Carolina Improv Company, an improv comedy school and theater, in addition to Pivot10 Results, a sales training company. Thanks to this podcast, Gina was able to “stalk” her business role model Jeb Blount and convince him to hire her … and sponsor this podcast!

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