Episode 245 – Getting in the HOV Lane Of Sales with Gerald Leonard

Episode Overview

On today’s episode, Gina welcomes Gerald Leonard, author, growth strategy coach, strategic PMO advisor, Tedx speaker, and musician. Gerald shares insights into the synergy between the these domains. He speaks about the remarkable impact of coaching and mentorship, drawing parallels between professional growth and utilizing the HOV lane in traffic, underscoring the exponential progress possible through guidance. Gerald’s personal journey through adversity, notably overcoming vertigo, is an example of channeling constraints into avenues for growth, firmly rooted in the principles of constraint theory. He and Gina continue delving into the intricacies of feedback reception, delineating how feedback can be sculpted into a potent tool for self-improvement, the art of coaching and personal growth, and offering valuable advice on navigating the path to self-improvement.

Gerald emphasizes the significance of starting small, engaging with accessible resources like books, podcasts, and webinars that align with your goals. He underscores the idea of incremental progress, mentioning how many coaches provide introductory materials that gradually lead to more comprehensive coaching programs. He advocates for recognizing one’s self-worth and believing in the value of investing in personal development.

 Gina and Gerald discuss the importance of tracking progress and embracing accountability within coaching. And emphasize the potential returns on investment—both personal and financial—as individuals work to enhance their skills and mindset. Overall, he encourages listeners to embark on a growth journey with purpose.

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