Episode 246 – Selecting Your Circle Better To Serve Better with Cynthia Barnes

Episode Overview

Today Gina welcomes Cynthia Barnes, keynote speaker and Founder of National Association of Women Sales Professionals. They begin by delving into the realms of self-realization and personal growth, and speak about a realization many of us can relate to – we’re often so quick to offer advice and guidance to others, but how often do we apply that wisdom to our own lives? Cynthia shares her aha moment when she started mirroring her own advice, leading to an enlightening journey of self-coaching.

One key takeaway from their discussion is the importance of having coaches and mentors. They emphasize the value of seeking support from those who understand your goals and can empower you to reach your full potential. As high-achievers, Cynthia and Gina have been accustomed to pouring their energy into others due to their roles, often neglecting self-care.

They shed light on the challenges that come with challenging the status quo. They know that when you’re a trailblazer or someone who refuses to conform, you can ruffle some feathers, and not everyone responds kindly. They agree that finding like-minded individuals who can nurture your spirit without judgment is crucial for personal growth.

The conversation turns to the idea of creating a tribe of like-minded women who can uplift and support one another. They touch on the delicate balance between achieving success and maintaining meaningful relationships,  a challenge many driven individuals face, and they stress the importance of self-investment to serve others better.

Cynthia shares her vision of moving from the spotlight to help others succeed, emphasizing the importance of celebrating everyone’s achievements collectively. The episode wraps up with a sneak peek at Cynthia’s upcoming course, the “30-Day Assertiveness Challenge.” With its unique daily text message delivery, it promises to empower individuals to improve their assertiveness.

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