Episode 264 – The Side Hustle Juggle with Skip Willcox

Episode Overview

Today Gina brings back an old friend and someone that brings big energy and a down-to-earth attitude. Skip Willcox, National Sales Manager and Director of Wholesale at Five By Five Funding. He and Gina discuss the tricky territory of managing both a traditional job and a side hustle. Skip shares his experience navigating a significant industry downturn, exiting a division, and finding opportunities amidst uncertainty. His journey includes continuing to grow his side business, while also stepping into a new role as a National Sales Manager. They talk about the synergies between these roles, how he manages time, transparency with the employer, and the employer’s supportive stance. They also get into the cultural aspect of businesses, motivation, setting personal and business goals, and the importance of cultivating creativity. 


Episode Highlights:

– New Year Reflections
– Challenges and Wins in the Mortgage Industry
– Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
– The Power of Open Conversations and Opportunities
– The Importance of Non-Negotiables in Job Selection
– The Impact of Company Culture on Employee Satisfaction
– The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
– The Power of Vision Boarding and Goal Setting
– The Importance of Internal Customer Experience
– The Impact of Hiring Decisions on Company Culture
– The Rise of Side Hustles and Dual Careers
– Transitioning from Side Hustle to Full Time
– Balancing Multiple Roles and Responsibilities
– The Importance of Time Management
– The Impact of Side Hustles on Personal and Professional Growth
– The Role of Transparency in Managing Multiple Brands
– The Controversy Surrounding Non-Compete Agreements.


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