Episode 266 – CX Myths Pt.02 with Tatiana Ferreira

Episode Overview

Tatiana Ferreira, the master of all things CX, is back with Gina today to bust more myths and give you loads of information on how to bring customer experience to a new level. 

They discuss the need for an ongoing commitment to customer experience rather than confining it to just one department or a silo, emphasizing the importance of investment, timelines, measuring results and how initiatives should be integrated throughout a company utilizing a collective effort. Gina and Tatiana also talk about the importance of mapping out a clearly defined customer experience, including a playbook with specific steps and the use of  KPIs so customer experience efforts can be measured. 

-The Role of Storytelling in Customer Experience
-Why Companies Struggle with Customer Experience
-The Investment Required for Effective Customer Experience
-The Importance of Training and Hiring the Right People
-Understanding the Staffing Needs for Great Customer Experience
-The Role of Customer Experience in B2B and B2C
-The Importance of Timelines in Customer Experience
-The Need for a Customer Experience Playbook
-The Importance of Simplicity in Customer Experience
-The Role of Leadership in Customer Experience
-Building Trust and Partnership in Business
-The Power of Mission and Core Values
-Creating Conditions for Success
-The Challenge of Change and Adaptation
-Measuring Success in Customer Experience
-The Role of KPIs in Customer Experience
-Presenting the Vision for Customer Experience
-The Importance of Employee Experience
-Creating a Safe Environment for Feedback
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