Episode 267 – The Post-Literate Society: How to Avoid Negativity and Thrive with Anthony Iannarino

Episode Overview

Anthony Iannarino is a revered figure in the sales and leadership sector, boasting an extensive career marked by his insightful thought leadership and impactful contributions as a writer and speaker. With over 5,200 blog posts to his credit, Anthony has cultivated a reputation for disseminating profound understanding in sales, leadership, and societal matters. As a business owner with first-hand experience in advocating for diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment, he carries a wealth of knowledge from his involvement in a $50 million family business.

On today’s episode Gina welcomes Anthony Iannarino about societal issues, personal development, and maintaining positivity amidst a world steeped in negativity. Anthony shares his transformative experience with his self-imposed ‘Negativity Fast’ – a pivotal journey that reshaped his outlook on life and media consumption.

Gina and Anthony delve into discussions about inclusivity, diversity in the workplace, and overcoming biases that permeate both personal and professional realms. They address how women and immigrant leaders can be better advocated for and the societal shifts that have been occurring, gradually shaping a new landscape in the business world. Anthony gives invaluable advice on confidence, competency, and the detrimental effects of impostor syndrome, providing listeners with profound insights that transcend typical business discourse.

Key Takeaways:

– Anthony’s experience with the ‘Negativity Fast’ advocates for the cessation of consumption of negative media and replacing it with positive, future-oriented content.

– Discussions on diversity and inclusivity stressed the importance of proactivity in recruitment and creating spaces where everyone feels represented and welcomed.

– The societal conversation explored the deep-rooted reasons behind confidence disparities between genders and how historical biases have contributed to this.

– Anthony shared personal anecdotes illustrating the evolving nature of the workplace and the imperative to embrace diverse talent proactively.

– The dialogue underscored the power of reframing failures as lessons, emphasizing the importance of resilience and perspective in personal growth.

Notable Quotes:

– “I think all these women that feel that way, they have the right to feel that way, but it’s not true. You’re every bit as competent.”

– “You have to have the courage to try things. I think 100% failing is just part of the success journey.”

– “When a man, a boy, let’s say, let’s go back to high school. I got in a lot of fights. I wasn’t a good fighter, but I was willing to do it because I had to. After a fight, it’s over.”

– “It’s either a loss or it’s a lesson, and you have to pick one of those.”

– “Your life is 4108 weeks on average. If you want to have a really good time, just drop all that stuff and just focus on the things that you care about.”

Links to Anthony

The Negativity Fast: https://a.co/d/3o7m3nJ

Website: https://www.thesalesblog.com/


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