Episode 268 – From Emotional to Empowered: How to Speak Up and Be Heard with Tatiana Ferreira

Episode Overview

Episode Summary:

In this thought-provoking episode, Gina engages in a candid discussion with Tatiana Ferreira, focusing on women’s issues in the workplace and the art of giving and receiving feedback. This conversation dives into the nuances of female communication styles, the importance of directness, and the ways women can support each other in professional settings.

Tatiana gets into the importance of intervening when witnessing a colleague being talked over or interrupted, suggesting tactful yet firm ways to ensure every voice is heard, and the perception of women being too direct or emotionally reactive. She provides insights on effectively addressing and reshaping these perceptions through better feedback mechanisms and increased emotional intelligence within the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Standing up for colleagues when they are interrupted or their ideas are not acknowledged can create a better workplace dynamic for women.
  • Women often preface their ideas with softening language, which can unintentionally diminish their impact—eliminating such phrases can strengthen communication.
  • Feedback, whether positive or negative, should be seen as someone’s opinion, allowing for personal growth without changing one’s core leadership style.
  • Direct conversations addressing behavioral issues, such as perpetual interruptions, can lead to more productive team interactions and dynamics.
  • An effective leader creates a psychologically safe environment, enabling team members to voice their thoughts and opinions without fear of judgment.

Notable Quote:

  • “Feedback is someone’s opinion, pure and simple.”
Connect with Tatianna
Tatiana Ferreira is a seasoned professional dedicated to transforming companies through operational excellence and customer experience design. As a consultant and coach, she provides strategic insights and actionable solutions, helping businesses turn their visions into real-world success. Tatiana’s vast experience includes leadership roles, effective team advocacy, and women’s workplace issues training, making her a sought-after expert for organizations seeking transformational change.


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