Episode 269 – Inhale Serving, Exhale Selling with Liz Wendling

Episode Overview

Today Gina welcomes the one and only Liz Wendling to discuss the importance of both serving and selling in the sales process. They debunk the outdated mantra of “serve, don’t sell” and emphasize the need for a balanced approach. Liz shares insights on how over-serving can actually hinder business growth and explains the importance of solving problems and making recommendations. They also touch on the pitfalls of generic sales tactics and the need for personalized, relevant messaging. Tune in to learn how to strike the right balance between serving and selling in your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Serving and selling should be thought of as an interconnected, inseparable pair, much like inhaling and exhaling, essential for sustaining business life.
  • Overemphasis on serving, without the balance of selling, can create a detrimental energy that diminishes one’s professional credibility and value.
  • “Know, like and trust” is no longer sufficient on its own; today’s sales strategies must also focus on relevance and the ability to solve customers’ problems.
  • Clear, transparent communication that outlines the intent to serve and potentially sell is key to establishing a trustworthy relationship with clients.
  • Adapting one’s sales approach to align with personal authenticity and customer needs is crucial for effective and enjoyable transactions.

Notable Quotes:

  • “Serving and selling are interconnected aspects of the sales process. They go hand in hand, and doing one without the other is just wrong.” – Liz Wendling
  • “Selling today is not sleazy when you do it in a way that not only aligns with you but how it aligns with the way the world makes decisions today.” – Liz Wendling
  • “If you only serve and you don’t solve and you don’t help someone buy something from you, you’re the cause of the disruption.” – Liz W Wendling
  • “Know, like and trust gets you a ticket to the game, but it’s not enough anymore. You must be relevant.” – Liz Wendling
  • “Every single business stays in business because somebody is selling something and somebody is buying something.” – Liz Wendling


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