Episode 28: Taboo Topics: It’s That Time Of The Month

Episode Overview

The Cycle. Aunt Flo. Time of the Month. Code Red. All of these are cute nicknames for a reality that is wrapped in shame, cultural stigmas and headaches for women everywhere. Of course, we’re talking about your period. 

It’s the first installment in a series of discussions on taboo topics. Gina, Rachel and Keith try to answer some of the question marks around your period and how it affects the way you work. How should you approach someone who is moody and you suspect may be on their period? Should you ever say, “I bet she’s on her period.” Spoiler: NO! And how do you fight through your own cycle and get what you need to get done, done right.

If this topic makes you uncomfortable. Good! Those are the best topics to discuss and think about. You’ve been warned!

On today’s podcast…

:50 – Why is a woman’s period wrapped in shame?

4:25 – The stigma of the period mood swing

7:00 – Keith enlightens us on the cycle…of cows

11:04 – Period isn’t the only P-word in a woman’s life

13:29 – Approaching work and sales in the middle of the cycle

19:09 – Men have cycles too

23:30 – This too shall pass, understanding other people’s bad days

29:16 – The period scarlet letter

32:01 – Why is the cycle not being accepted along the lines of other natural processes?

36:13 – Warner takeaways: be confident and choose a great culture

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More about Gina

Gina Trimarco is CEO/Founder of Pivot10 Results (training and strategy company) and Carolina Improv Company (comedy club and school). She has 25+ years of experience in marketing, sales, operations and people training. Gina combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition. A true Chicago city girl, her much older father trained her in sales starting at the age of 10, working in flea markets. 

More about Rachel

Rachel Pitts is a Mom, Realtor, Author, and Creator of The Closing Curve, a new real estate software focused on enhancing the buyer experience. With a background in show business, her motto is: Entertain. Inform. Inspire. Find Rachel on social media as RachelonRealEstate, at www.rachelonrealestate.com and www.theclosingcurve.com and pick up her book, The Gift of Wreckage on Amazon

More about Keith Walters

As Managing Principal of Walters Dev Group, LLC, Keith currently assists companies via board and advisory roles. Keith has spent more than 30 years using a strong entrepreneurial focus to lead, advise and grow very successful businesses. His focus on operational excellence brings stability into organizations he leads and guides. Through a unique management system focused on company growth and strong culture development Keith helps build businesses that are true talent magnets.

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