Episode 281 – Beauty, Bullying & Business with Golf Pro Paige Spiranac (Classic Episode)

Episode Overview

Do you ever feel like an outsider, like you don’t belong? Ever been bullied?

This week’s guest is Paige Spiranac. Despite becoming a famous golf pro, rising media personality and anti-bullying advocate, she has felt the pain that comes with feeling different her entire life. In this episode, she teaches us how she recently learned to step back and embrace who she is and how she looks, despite what others say. Even in today’s male-dominated professional world of golf, Paige deals with bullying and negativity every day.

People are going to judge you regardless but it’s really about how you judge yourself. She shares her insights and experiences with overcoming bullying in business and how it applies to beauty, how you look and its effect on your performance.

About Today’s Guest

Paige is no stranger to being bullied and body shamed based on how she looks, which makes her intensely passionate about doing her part to stop bullying, especially cyber bullying and online hate. She’s an official ambassador for the Cyber Smile Foundation and often speaks out about her many experiences of being bullied throughout her childhood, college and Golf Career. She also focuses on encouraging women to be themselves and fight for what they believe and to embrace their true calling in life through hosting events and clinics, supporting other young women and posting inspirational messages. Paige hopes to help women not only discover the game of golf but to also feel empowered to achieve their wildest dreams.

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More about Gina

Engagement Expert – Speaker – Sales Trainer – Entrepreneur – Improv Comic

Gina is a Master Sales Trainer for Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy who combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition.

“Sass without too much crass” is how Gina Trimarco describes herself. A high energy entrepreneur, engager, speaker, trainer, improv comedienne and podcast producer, Gina credits most of her success on her upbringing by her Italian mobster dad and German immigrant mother.

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