Episode 3: My Right Hand – Delegate Or Die

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Episode Overview

On a special episode of Women Your Mother Warned You About…we have our first show casualty. Gina has a broken hand but it’s not letting that stop her. Everything is content!

Gina is doubling her productivity, Rachel is speaking to the universe and we’re all trying to find ways to delegate. Injuries can’t cripple your productivity but trying to shoulder all of the weight will crush your business. 

Today we’re sharing the why’s and how’s of business delegation and how the social media revolution can help you get things done and keep payroll manageable.

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On today’s podcast…

  • 0:30 – This episode is dedicated to Gina’s right hand
  • 4:20 – How Gina doubled her productivity with half the hands
  • 9:35 – Don’t let your business get crippled by hyper-specialization
  • 13:30 – Sales IS cashflow
  • 22:53 – “Nobody’s perfect. And I’m a believer in the idea that nobody really likes perfect people.”
  • 26:00 – Speak to the universe what it is that you want. Speak into the universe what it is that you need
  • 30:00 – Using social media to crowdsource delegation and fight overwhelm
  • 34:26 – Are you leveraging your network?

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