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Fan, Mentor, “That’s What Keith Said” Contributor Keith Walters of Walters Dev Group LLC is active in the business leadership community through organizations such as Vistage Worldwide, Conscious Capitalism, and others. As a voracious reader, Keith incorporates and blends the best growth and leadership strategies into the companies he works with. When he is not working to build great companies, you’ll find Keith in the outdoors, cranking out miles on his bicycle, summiting high peaks, or just hiking through the earth’s wondrous beauty.

Pivot10 Results – a strategy and training company that shifts business cultures from people problems to performance results through engaging sales and leadership training.

US Mortgage Corporation believes that everyone deserves a roof over their head.  It is why they are involved with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and reflected in their slogan – “Helping You Make it Home”.

Sell Or Die Network – Women Your Mother Warned You About is part of the Sell Or Die Podcast Network, led by Jeffrey Gitomer, the “King Of Sales” and Jennifer Gluckow (Sales In A New York Minute)

MPD Ventures Company – MPD provides branding, marketing and publicity services for entrepreneur-led, fast-growth and innovation-driven companies. From launching a new company or product to providing makeovers for staid brands or outdated marketing, the MPD team helps clients create unique stories and approaches that fuel their growth and vision.

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