Warner World

Welcome to Warner World, a members only group for women who want our advice for business and life, bringing your personalized attention and helping you “push the car”.

Women are better together, lifting each other to higher places. In Warner World, you get to join our “girl gang”.

What you get in Warner World …

  • Monthly educational webinars on selling techniques, beauty/fitness hacks and all things woman to help you lead a productive and prosperous life
  • Private Facebook group to interact with Gina, Rachel and a community of women like you


  • Spontaneous Selling 1.0 – Gina’s improv-based sales training course (10 videos) – value of $49
  • Rachel’s video fitness programs: 5-Day Kick Start (value of $50) for beginners and 10-Day Accelerator Follow Up (value of $100) 

Only $20 per month!!!

Join our girl gang to be part of a tribe where you don’t need to “fit in” because you already belong … just as you are!