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Episode 284 – Once Upon a Time, Bitches with Branden Lanette (Classic Episode)

Meet Brandon Lanette, The Women’s Mindset Coach and author of the amazing new book, ‘Once Upon a Time Bitches.’ She joins Gina for a can’t miss episode.Branden knew many successful women at the top of their game, who just weren’t happy. With that realization, she set out on a long and often difficult journey. Her now very distinctive brand was built out of decade of rejection. With a passion for writing and a vision to help women in business, she kept pushing until finally landing a two book deal. Now she’s onto book number five and running a thriving mindset coaching business.Branden talks with Gina about her path as an author and coach, how anybody can be somebody

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Episode 283 – The Sailor Who Became a “Romance Headhunter) with Roseann Higgins (Classic Episode)

Relationships are hard especially if you don’t establish the right connections early. This is as true in business as it is in life.

Our guest today is Roseann Higgins, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert.

As CEO of Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, Roseann implements executive recruiting techniques, coupled with a highly ethical and personal touch to bring people together who are looking for love.

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Episode 278 – Game Changers: A Deep Dive Into Dave Avery’s Book

Today we’re discussing the newest book by Dave Asprey called Game Changers: What Leaders, Innovators, and Mavericks Do to Win at Life. In it the bestselling author of Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet answers the question, “How can I kick more ass at life?” by culling the wisdom of world-class thought leaders, maverick scientists, and disruptive entrepreneurs to provide proven techniques for becoming happier, healthier, and smarter

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Episode 277 – Leadership & Sexuality with Missy Garcia

Knowledge is sexual leadership, sexual leadership is professional leadership. That’s part of the message today from our guest Missy Garcia. Missy is a powerful sex and leadership coach for women who are desperate to escape from their dull and disconnected lives. She offers sage advice about sexuality and leadership from a raw place that has developed through her own journey of self-transformation.

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Episode 276 – If You’re Not Pissing Some People Off, You’re Probably Not Trying Hard Enough with Lauren Bailey

“Am I here to please everybody or am I here to make things better?”

This question drove our guest today, Lauren Bailey, to start her passion project #GirlsClub and lays at the foundation of her life’s work in sales. Lauren is the Founder of Factor 8, The Sales Bar, and #Girls Club, and she’s on a mission to help more people feel more successful at work. She’s helping entry level salespeople conquer cold call confidence and preparing women for sales leadership positions in front-line management.

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Episode 275 – Creating a Culture of Belonging (Classic Episode) with Jennifer Brown

It’s not good enough to make the ’empathy case’ for diversity in the workplace, you have to make a ‘business case.’ That’s what our guest today, Jennifer Brown, sets out to do in every meeting, keynote and presentation she gives.

A more inclusive work environment is less stressful, more productive, better equipped to make big decisions and ultimately more profitable. So why are small, medium and large businesses still struggling to throw away bias and include more diverse voices? Where is the gap between leadership that wants to hire a more diverse workforce and finding the people to fill those positions? We’ll find that out

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Episode 273 – Women of Strength with Freida Rothman

The new Women Your Mother Warned You About is drawing nearer. For now listen to another classic episode from another strong female leader.

She’s a top CEO who channels her passion, strength and resolve from her grandparents, all Holocaust survivors. Freida Rothman oversees one of the largest and most stylish jewelry brands in the world and she tells her own story and the story of a family full of strong women.

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Episode 272 – Stop Icking Yourself with Dana Myers (Classic Episode)

Dana Myers, is a sexy-lifestyle expert, author, product developer, media personality, entrepreneur, wife, mother and the founder of Booty Parlor.

Gina and Rachel talk with Dana about how she is highlighting the importance of pleasure and female empowerment. They discuss the way many women lose themselves and their sexuality after motherhood. But Dana is here to help you avoid the new mom comparison game and to ward off the things that will block your mojo.

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Episode 271 – Going Rogue: Managing Mean Girls (Classic Episode)

While you await the new Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast, sit back and listen to another classic episode from the vault.

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!! In this rogue episode, Gina and Rachel both have a story to share and some things to get off their chest. Both of them talk about a recent “Mean girl” experience and don’t hold back about their feelings.

They realize that when you are a person that puts yourself out there, tries new things, dares to fail and does it with confidence – the haters start to come out of the woodwork.

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Episode 270 – Going Rogue: Imposter Syndrome (Rebroadcast)

As Gina works to bring you a new revamped Women Your Mother Warned You About, we are airing some of our favorite episodes from the past. Enjoy!

So you finally got the big gig, you reached that long-time goal – and then the doubts and second-guessing start to creep in and wonder if you can pull it off. You are feeling the imposter syndrome.

Rachel and Gina have both felt this, and they are here to help you through it.

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Episode 265 – From Imposter Syndrome To Ultra High Perfomer and Leader

On today’s show, Gina welcomes Amanda Hanus, AKA, the human spark plug, is a notable professional in the world of sales and leadership. Hailing from the greater Chicagoland area and now residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amanda has carved a niche for herself as a selling powerhouse. She and Gina talk about her journey from humble beginnings, her early exposure to the sales environment through interning at Northwestern Mutual, and her adventurous transition to professional sales roles in various sector

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Episode 264 – The Side Hustle Juggle with Skip Willcox

Today Gina brings back an old friend, and someone that brings big energy and a down to earth attitude. Skip Willcox, National Sales Manager and Director of Wholesale at Five By Five Funding. He and Gina discuss tricky territory of managing both a traditional job and a side hustle. Skip shares his experience navigating a significant industry downturn, exiting a division, and finding opportunities amidst uncertainty.

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Episode 263 – New Year, New Show

A new year brings new beginnings and change. Today Gina talks about the evolution of the podcast, which is now in its sixth year. She discusses the challenges of producing a regular show along with insights about consistency in creativity. Gina also talks about the valuable lessons she’s learned over the years, and the concept of a show that aims to provide a platform for women to be authentically themselves in business and life.

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Episode 262 – The Best of 2023

As we approach the new year, Gina is taking a look back at some of the most impactful moments from her guests in 2023. Enjoy the bits of wisdom, and we here at the Women Your Mother Warned You About podcast wish you a healthy, successful, and prosperous 2024.

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Episode 261 – CX Myths Pt.01

She was SO good that Gina had to have her back again, Tatiana Ferreira , Founder of The Growth Excellence Advisory, gets into customer experience and sales practices. They discuss the importance of asking relevant and purposeful questions to build an authentic customer relationship and enhance customer experience.

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Episode 260 – Awaken Your Potential with Casey Hasten

Gina is joined by Casey Hasten, Director of Recruiting at VIP and CEO of Success North Dallas. They discuss a wide range of topics from personal branding, the importance of supportive employers, mastering efficiencies, and goal setting. Casey shares her journey of personal growth and self-awareness, and even reveals her organizational strategies via her ‘Awaken Your Potential’ journal.

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Episode 259 – Influence Better Decisions and Achieve Better Results

What an amazing episode! Gina welcomes the one and only Chuck Gallagher, business ethics expert, consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Chuck, discusses the importance of ethical behaviour in business transactions. Starting from the top in building an organizational culture of trust and accountability, he shares startling truths about common ethical breaches and offers insightful advice on building psychologically safe spaces within organizations.

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Episode 256 – Supercharging Company Culture With Immigrant Leadership with Ukeme Awakessien Jeter

Joining Gina on today’s episode is Ukeme Awakessien Jeter, a leadership development expert, keynote speaker, and author of the book “Immigrant Love: Supercharging Company Culture with Immigrant Leadership.” She has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, national law firms, universities, local governments, and specialized agencies of the United Nations. As an immigrant herself, Ukeme’s work is informed by her unique perspective and aims to promote immigrant inclusion leadership, innovation, and business growth.

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Episode 254 – Creating a Luxury Customer Experience In Sales

On today’s show Gina welcomes Tatiana Ferreira, a Growth Excellence Consultant. Corporate & Board Advisor, Global Strategist, and Keynote Speaker, , discussing the importance of customer experience in driving transformative change and increasing revenue. She highlights that customer experience is not limited to luxury brands but applies to all businesses.

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Episode 252 – Everyone Should Share Their Stories with Lady JB Owen

This is an incredibly important and exciting episode. Gina welcomes Lady J. B. Owen from Ignite Publishing. She is Founder and CEO of Ignite You, a world class speaker, 20 time bestselling author and powerful business owner. She was knighted as lady JB Owen for her entrepreneurial and philanthropy work. So why would Gina have a publisher for a guest?? That’s right! Gina is now recognized as an international best selling author for her contributions to Ignite Your Courage, and will soon be releasing her solo effort, Improvised Intelligence in 2024!!

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Episode 251 – Simplicity-Based Selling with Keith Lubner

It’s Sales Gravy times 2! Gina welcomes Keith Lubner, the Chief Strategy Officer and Executive VP of Training and Consulting at Sales Gravy. He discusses his path to Sales Gravy and the importance of simplicity in sales, customer experience, and culture. He emphasizes the need for salespeople to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and slow down to listen.

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Episode 250 – Finding Your Sweet Spot on the Journey to Mastery with Amy Franko

On today’s episode Gina welcomes long time friend Amy Franko, keynote speaker, author, and Sales and Growth Strategist at Strategic Selling Academy. Gina and Amy discuss the dynamics of effectiveness, leadership, and self-awareness. They reminisce about Amy’s past opportunity to co-host the show and her deliberative decision-making process, emphasizing the balance between emotional excitement and practicality.

They explain the journey to mastery and the power of consistency in personal growth, highlighting the transition from confidence to cockiness in one’s endeavors. Leaders’ roles in providing feedback are examined, with a focus on seeking positive feedback, investing in personal coaching, and requesting feedback from leaders to shift conversations toward strengths and positive aspects.

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Episode 249 – Peaks Need Valleys To Thrive Through Change

She’s baaaaaaack! Susanna Gray-Jones is joining today’s show straight from her new home in Dubai to talk about the challenges of major life changes, the importance of preparation, and the value of embracing boredom and repetition. She shares her personal experiences with job dissatisfaction, managing stress during a significant move, and the effects of change on both individuals and organizations.

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Episode 248 – How Sex & Intimacy Impact Your Performance In Business with Daniela Stevens

EXPLICIT CONTENT – This episode shares explicit information about sex. Plan accordingly when listening/watching it.

Is Gina shy and reserved? No she is not. Does she find new and innovative ways to help you both personally and professionally? Yes she does.

Today is an outside the box episode, that may make people blush a bit at first, but then listen to about five times to get every nugget of information.

Gina welcomes Daniela Steves, sex and intamcy coach. She and Gina discuss the importance of understanding oneself and improving intimate connections in both personal and professional life. They emphasize the significance of vulnerability and being present in one’s body as a starting point. The guest suggests that slowing down, practicing mindfulness, can help individuals reconnect with themselves and connect with others.

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Episode 247 – Find The People Who Care Who You Are with Jeff Bajorek

Today’s episode is not to be missed. Jeff is here, so you know that awkward moments and hilarity begins before the show even gets underway.

Gina shares a story about getting pitched about a guest spot on the show which leads to a bigger discussion on pitching overall and they express frustration with salespeople who do not tailor their pitches and make repeated attempts even after receiving a clear “no.”

They emphasize the need for salespeople to do their homework and really know the client or company they’re pitching to. Gina shares experiences with both good and bad outreach and emphasizes the value of being prepared, understanding clients’ needs, and engaging in effective discovery.
Jeff talks about the misplaced importance that is given to product knowledge, and the lack of focus on how to create meaningful conversations.

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Episode 246 – Selecting Your Circle Better To Serve Better with Cynthia Barnes

Today Gina welcomes Cynthia Barnes, keynote speaker and Founder of National Association of Women Sales Professionals. They begin by delving into the realms of self-realization and personal growth, and speak about a realization many of us can relate to – we’re often so quick to offer advice and guidance to others, but how often do we apply that wisdom to our own lives? Cynthia shares her aha moment when she started mirroring her own advice, leading to an enlightening journey of self-coaching.

One key takeaway from their discussion is the importance of having coaches and mentors. They emphasize the value of seeking support from those who understand your goals and can empower you to reach your full potential. As high-achievers, Cynthia and Gina have been accustomed to pouring their energy into others due to their roles, often neglecting self-care.

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Episode 245 – Getting in the HOV Lane Of Sales with Gerald Leonard

On today’s episode, Gina welcomes Gerald Leonard, author, growth strategy coach, strategic PMO advisor, Tedx speaker, and musician. Gerald shares insights into the synergy between the these domains. He speaks about the remarkable impact of coaching and mentorship, drawing parallels between professional growth and utilizing the HOV lane in traffic, underscoring the exponential progress possible through guidance. Gerald’s personal journey through adversity, notably overcoming vertigo, is an example of channeling constraints into avenues for growth, firmly rooted in the principles of constraint theory.

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Episode 244 – How To FU & Close The Deal with David Newman

David Newman is BACK! And why? Well he’s hilarious, entertaining, knowledgeable, and informative. Pretty much everything you want when you’re listening to a podcast. But funny, affable David is here to tell you to FU!! That’s right. But he isn’t being rude, he just wants to give helpful and deal saving tips on how to follow up after a seemingly interested prospect falls off the face of the sales earth. David and Gina breakdown avoiding the terrible “Just circling back” follow ups and a ton of ideas of what to do instead, and why it will pay off over the long haul.

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Episode 243 – Building A Training Culture with Kathy Young

Gina has been on a whirlwind tour of selling and meeting with clients. So today, we are rebroadcasting one of the most popular episodes in the show’s history! Usually Gina is the one getting answers, advice and tips from sales leaders and coaches. Today the tables turn a bit, and former co-host Susanna will get Gina to reveal all sorts of knowledge and experience from her many years of sales and coaching. Susanna digs deep and gets some very candid and personal answers.

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Episode 242 – Gina Exposed (Becoming Confident in Sales) Re-Broadcast

Gina has been on a whirlwind tour of selling and meeting with clients. So today, we are rebroadcasting one of the most popular episodes in the show’s history! Usually Gina is the one getting answers, advice and tips from sales leaders and coaches. Today the tables turn a bit, and former co-host Susanna will get Gina to reveal all sorts of knowledge and experience from her many years of sales and coaching. Susanna digs deep and gets some very candid and personal answers.

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Episode 241 – The Art of Mastery with Rachel Pitts

Rachel is back on the show today and she and Gina dive into the world of mastery and self-discovery. Rachel shares her intention to read more books this year and how it led to a life-changing book called “Mastery” by Robert Greene. They explore the three phases of mastery and how childhood dreams might hold the key to unlocking self-awareness and self-mastery.

They discuss how restlessness can lead to self-discovery and why it’s crucial to explore dormant talents and passions, the crucial aspects of embracing discomfort and choosing the right niche, narrowing your focus leading to clearer marketing and sales messages, and the role of confidence-building and self-awareness in enhancing your expertise.

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Episode 240 – How To Cure Imposter Syndrome

Today Gina is flying solo, and is ready to share about something that has come up consistently in one of her masterminds – imposter syndrome. It’s a feeling that nearly everyone has felt at some point, but due to societal history is more common for women.

Gina dives deep into this deceptive syndrome that can hold us back from reaching our full potential.

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Episode 238 – Selling A Lifestyle – The U.S. Army, Part 1 with Amber McMahan

Today Gina has a special guest that works in an area that is close to her heart. Staff Sergeant Amber McMahan (aka Mama Mac), a military recruiter in the US Army joins the show. Gina was struck by Amber’s presence, confidence and energy after witnessing her exceptional skills in one of her training sessions. Amber shares insights into the world of military recruiting, the challenges recruiters face, and how she manages her time effectively to stay on top of her game. This is a can’t miss conversation filled with inspiring anecdotes and practical advice from Amber and Gina.

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Episode 237 – Opera vs. Playboy Style Selling

Are you ready to have some fun injected into learning about sales and multiplying your revenue? Gina is here for you with the hilarious and animated author and consultant, David Newman to do just that. David shares his personal experience of initially avoiding sales until he discovered his natural ability to make people feel comfortable, transforming him into an unexpected sales guru. This was a catalyst to his book ‘Do It! Selling’ which he describes as the seller’s guide for those that hate selling.

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Episode 236 – Reality Check: The ‘S’ Word

Today Gina is here with a new segment called ‘Reality Check,’ and she starts it out in Gina style with the ‘S’ word. No not that ‘S’ word! No not THAT ‘S’ word either!! You’re going to have to listen to find out just what the certain word is. Gina talks about why this isn’t a word that should be shied away from, but actually embraced. She also dicusses other words that she has had to avoid or downplay over her career. Like the ‘I’ word and the ‘C’ word. No not THAT ‘C’ word!! You just have to listen to find out.

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Episode 235 – Bad Sales Habits with Liz Wendling

Jeff is back with Gina and they are talking about positive ways to navigate life, constructing boundaries and how they can transform your success and happiness. They discuss learning the hard way with a story about a sales mistake that happened when they were spread too thin, the fulfillment of working with small businesses, discovering the superpower of setting boundaries, putting family first, how life stages effect boundary setting and the different perspectives of salty dogs and young puppies.

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Episode 234 – Things We’ve Learned Out Loud with Jeff Bajorek

Jeff is back with Gina and they are talking about positive ways to navigate life, constructing boundaries and how they can transform your success and happiness. They discuss learning the hard way with a story about a sales mistake that happened when they were spread too thin, the fulfillment of working with small businesses, discovering the superpower of setting boundaries, putting family first, how life stages effect boundary setting and the different perspectives of salty dogs and young puppies.

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Episode 233 – Gina Goes On a Breathwork Journey with Rachel Pitts

Today’s show is a little bit different and is one that whether you know it or not, you need to listen to. Gina begins by opening up and revealing some difficulties that she is experiencing in her life. Because she and Rachel had just discussed breathwork on last week’s episode, Rachel reached out to help Gina work through the issues she was having. What comes next is what Gina describes as an “F’ing journey you don’t expect.” Trying to summarize the episode isn’t worthy of it. It is raw. It is emotional. It is real. Have some tissues available and let yourself learn and hopefully find ways that you can grow and heal as well.

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Episode 232 – Breathwork with Rachel Pitts

Sometimes the show is about straight-forward sales advice. Sometimes it takes a left turn. Sometimes those left turns bring you to places that you never expected. Those unexpected places can bring new, life-changing paths. Today’s episode may be that for you. Gina and Rachel dive deep into the broader focus of life and how much more time we have to learn and grow, the overwhelming state of stress that we find ourselves in, and how breathwork can focus our bodies into a different states.

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Episode 231 – Selling In Your Customer’s Language with Skip Willcox

Today Gina welcomes a friend and insanely likeable guy, Skip Willcox, Vice President and Account Executive, Podcaster, Sales and Business Development Coach, Trainer, and Keynote Speaker. Just hearing the first few words from Skip you will just want to happily listen to what he has to say.

He and Gina dig into a raft of topics such as, don’t make assumptions about what the client knows, how relationship beats price, rebuffing pathetic lenders, deep dives into current and future mortgage lending world, discovery, overcoming challenges, death by magic pill, how to adjust in the face of a possible recession, controlling uncertainty, and above all – communicating in terms that the client comprehends and feels understood.

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Episode 230 – How To Dress For Sales Success

Sometimes when we find ourselves not fitting into the environment or industry we are trying to belong to, it’s the precise time that we break the mold and inject new and fresh ideas into the existing system. This is what happened when today’s guest, Natalie Tincher, Style Strategist and Founder of BU Style, went from a small town in Indiana to New York City to break into the fashion world. She explains what happened next and how not falling in line changed her entire trajectory.

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Episode 228 – Roadblocks, Runways and, DEI Navigation with Mitch Savoie Hill

Get ready for the high energy and magnetic personality of today’s guest. Mitch Savoie Hill is a certified professional coach, international TEDx speaker, published author, and corporate trainer with over 25 years of hospitality and leadership experience.

She coaches individuals and teams on how to overcome their roadblocks to success and has authored an inspiring instructional book on the subject titled Volar. It contains tools, tactics, practical exercises, and sometimes hilariously tragic stories.
Mitch and Gina also discuss Mitch’s work with DEI training. Her eloquent stories and truth put the subject into an effective frame of understanding.

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Episode 227- A Midlife Blueprint for Menapause & Sales with Elaine Morrison

Ten years ago Elaine developed an autoimmune disease, and went on a mission to put it into remission. Through changes in her diet, lifestyle, and mindset, she was able to just that, and because of those changes, she also had very negative symptoms through menopause. She used this knowledge to build the Three pillars of her Midlife Blueprint program.

She and Gina discuss taking care of ourselves in different ways in our 30’s and beyond, regulating stress, avoiding traditional diets and adding things to your diet that are beneficial, sleep, breathing, giving yourself a break, recalibrating cortisol and oxytocin because they are so important to our daily lives, and most importantly finding what works for you to be more balanced, happy and productive.

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Episode 226 – Selling The Culture of Wellness In Learning Environments

Today Gina is shifting perspective a bit to gather lessons from a different area of business and service. Dr. Stacie Herrera is a licensed school psychologist, owner of Herrera Psychology, and owner of Telement works with youth in school settings, and Sandi is the CEO and Founder of Educator Dynamics and been creating school transformation for thirteen years. They have partnered together to create cultures of sustained wellness around learning environments.
Hear how their shared experience in the educational space mirrors that of the corporate and sales space.

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Episode 225 – Sell Like A Queen with Rachel Pitts

Rachel is back – but this time she’s sporting a large and elaborate crown on her head! So the ex-cohost queen leads off the show with a conversation on Queen Elizabeth and the lessons and inspiration that can be taken from her time on the throne. Including being conditioned for failure, power vs. influence, being prepared for when opportunity comes, making difficult sacrifices, creating balance, and staying strong through criticism.

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Episode 222 – Succeeding Through Increments with Laura Casselman

Today Gina welcomes Laura Castleman, CEO of JV Zoo, a company that Instantly connect your business with millions of paying customers and the top performing affiliates.

She discusses her new best-selling book ‘Trust Your Increments’ and the challenges of being a woman in business. She shares her experiences of systemic sexism in the boardroom and the struggle to gain recognition in male-dominated industries. Her book offers a guide for the next generation of business leaders to achieve their goals with incremental, applicable steps without losing their soul.

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Episode 221 – The Million Dollar Sales Attitude with Ryan Serhant

Today is not just a big show… It’s a HUGE show! Ryan Serhant, a founder, entrepreneur, producer, public speaker, bestselling author, star of multiple TV shows including As The World Turns and The Million Dollar Listing series, and Chief Executive Officer of SERHANT is here! Gina and Ryan share stories about performing on stage and in improv, the skill of listening, his “hand jobs” that made him more money than his TV gigs, and how his real estate career came to be.

They get into the reality of sales, lying to baby Jesus, empathy, perspective and enthusiasm, the power of picking up the phone and what he looks for in new salespeople.

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Episode 219 – Reach The Next Level of Emotional Intelligence with Colleen Stanley

Gina gets to have one of her long-term “sales crushes” on the show today. One of the top sales influencers of the 21st century, and one of the top 30 sales gurus in the world! Colleen Stanley, President, Founder, and Chief Selling Officer at SalesLeadership Inc., as well as a leader in emotional intelligence, an author, a keynote speaker, and trainer.

Gina and Colleen waste no time diving deep into emotional intelligence, its practical applications, and how soft skills help support the right selling behaviors.

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Episode 219 – Who Moved The Trash Can with Rachel Pitts

Gina is joined again today by the one and only Rachel Pitts! They start by talking about Rachel’s latest snowboarding trip which is the perfect segue into the fear of failure and how focus, practice, frameworks, mindset, and routine help to conquer it. Leaning into the fear and taking action strips the power it has over you and builds confidence. We all know what we’ve read in books and the advice we get, but all that can go out the window when you’re in a fearful moment.

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Episode 218 – Live a Big Life with Sarah Weaver

Today is a special day. Gina’s guest lives a big, successful, and adventurous life. You may be living a big life right now, or a not so big life with your eye on something more. Either way Sarah Weaver, author, speaker, coach, real estate investor, and business owner, can make it as big as you dream it to be.

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Episode 217 – Aggregating Mediocrity with Jeff Bajorek

One of our favorite guests is here today. Jeff Bajorek, top seller, author, speaker, and all around great guy. Gina and Jeff begin by talking about the term “authenticity” and agree it has been beaten to death.
Jeff shares about the sometimes long road of building a relationship with prospects and the difference between creating a true emotional and personal connection, and just trudging through mediocrity.

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Episode 216 – The Balancing Act of Leadership with Sarah Greer

So what’s better than one Master Trainer and Coach from Sales Gravy?.. You guessed it – TWO! Gina welcomes her friend and fellow Master Trainer, Sarah Greer, to the show today.

From the start, this episode is about leadership. Sarah and Gina get into what makes a leader and their responsibility to create an environment that gives value to their team members. Sarah talks about the importance of structure, consistency, fairness, positivity, and timeliness. These are values that influence the team to emulate them.

This episode gives tip after tip and insight after insight on how very simple actions can make an enormous difference in how to be a more effective leader, and how your team responds and performs.

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Episode 215- Business Building is Like Bodybuilding! with Rachel Pitts

She’s baaaaaack!! Yes, you read the title of the episode correctly. The original co-host Rachel Pitts has returned to sit in the guest seat this time. She also comes with information about her new book and a bit more muscle!
While Rachel’s book ‘Bodybuilder Basics’ is about fitness and competitive bodybuilding, but it creates a jumping off point into a much larger discussion on life and business. It gets personal, moving, and motivating.

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Episode 214 – Different Is Good – Growing Your Personal Brand with Abby Lester

Abby Lester is the Marketing Director at Sales Gravy and she’s here to guide us on how to stand out in the sea of social media, grow your brand, get noticed, and create in new eye-catching ways.

Abby gives insightful tips on the most impactful things to post on LinkedIn by combining the professional with something personal, the effectiveness of piggybacking on your company’s posts to boost your personal brand. She says not to be afraid to do something different to shake up the normal, often flat terrain, of LinkedIn. A little disruption, especially visually, can go a long way.

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Episode 213 – Part 2: Loud Hiring & Hunting

Welcome to part two of this incredibly informative series. Today we are shifting direction and taking a deep dive into the recruiters and the potentially recruited.

Because this is Susanna’s expertise, she and Gina start off discussing the most effective strategies for recruiters to find and retain top talent.
Then they flip the script and look at this from a the other side – people looking to change careers.

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Episode 211 – New Year, New Word

Happy New Year! We are celebrating the FIFTH Season of the show!! Today is all about getting real, raw perspective and insight. First, get some inside information on Gina’s book… or is it books?… She discusses how the process of writing has helped her discover so many experiences and stories from the past that have helped to shape her over the years.
Then Gina talks about how at the beginning of each year, she choses a word to define her purpose for the next twelve months. She reveals two words for this year that may inspire you to shake things up. Which leads to Susanna telling her word for the year, which is one that nearly every listener can relate to.

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Episode 210 – Expanding Relationships

We can safely start with the premise that most of your clients and prospects have certain commonalities, but that each one is unique when it comes to connecting with them and building trust. People buy from people they trust, so being able to employ different methods of relationship building is essential to making a sale.
Today Gina and Susanna reveal some of their most tried and true methods to do just that.

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Episode 209 – Holiday Sales Skill Wishes

As we approach the end of the year, the thoughts of gifts and what next year might bring come to mind. Susanna poses a question that encompasses both of these things. If your gift this year was to be given a choice of one extraordinary sales skill to use in 2023, what would it be? Gina and Susanna both share what they would choose and why and much much more.

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Episode 208 – MASTERMINDS

After falling off the radar for week, Gina reveals she had participated in a mastermind retreat. This leads into today’s topic and all the knowledge and energy that she brings back to share with you.

The core of the mastermind focused on mindset, systems, and self-care, and how without these in proper alignment in our lives, it can lead to burnout. Gina and Susanna talk about the four different kinds of burnout, how they can manifest themselves in your feeling and behavior towards your work, and how they alter your behavior outside of work.

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Episode 207 – Cold Calling Never Killed Anyone with Donnie Boivin

Today’s episode is one of the most unique, fun and unfiltered ever, and there’s one person that has a knack for bringing that sort of energy. Donnie Boivin, CEO of Success Champion Networking, Founder of the Badass Business Summit, and host of the Growth Mode podcast joins the show.
The group discusses the unfortunate development of ‘those that can’t do teach,’ how playing dumb can get you in the door, learning lessons from military recruiting, and how Donnie’s only goal is for salespeople to ditch the script and just be human.
The best part is you get to hear Donnie attempt to make some cold calls live with Gina and Susanna, and role play a cold call as well.

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Episode 206 – Playing It Big & The Keys To Confidence with Heather Monahan

Balancing perception kicks off the conversation today with Heather Monahan, best-selling author X2, Top 50 Keynote Speaker in the World 2022, Podcast Host of Creating Confidence, TedX speaker

Heather tells her story about her rise and fall in the corporate world, what she learned, the work she put in to build herself back up, and reward that came afterward because she put her confidence into action.

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Episode 205 – Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!! While we will be focusing on things we are grateful for today, we know that it’s all too easy to slide into a negative outlook and to get stuck in a loop of frustration and cynicism. Today Gina and Susanna talk about the importance of gratefulness in our lives.

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Episode 204 – Getting Ghosted Busters

You’ve had several productive calls, a promising initial meeting, scheduled a follow up, and then… nothing. No return call or email for weeks. You’ve been ghosted. This isn’t something new for salespeople, but how do you react to it? Do you stick to it or move on to something else?

Today Gina and Susanna talk about being ghosted and the different strategies to employ in various situations.

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Episode 203 – Courage In Sales

There are many qualities that make up a successful salesperson, or sales leader. Today Gina and Susanna focus in on one of those characteristics and help you with inspiring and practical advice on how to put it into action – Courage and its role in sales.

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Episode 201 – Company Culture To Attract and Retain Talent

So you’ve recruited someone who seems to be a great fit for a position, but do you have what it takes to retain them? This is where Gina and Susanna dive into today’s conversation.
Susanna talks about the core issues that are needed to both attract new employees and then keep them happy and fulfilled in their jobs. They discuss the process in which companies choose their core values, and if it’s really the best way to do it, are leaders actually being an example of the company’s values or just talking about it, what defines a manager vs. leader, negativity bias, and when it’s good to show your softer side when leading a team.

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Episode 202 – Bringing Warmth to Prospecting Automation with Adon Rigg

You’re savvy enough to get a list of potential leads. A LOT of potential leads. Are you going to write and send a thousand emails? Make a thousand calls? Today’s guest says that it doesn’t have to be that way. Adon Rigg, the King of Prospecting Automation, author, and founder of

Adon jumps right in and gives a breakdown of prospecting automation, using it to save time, and allowing you to focus in on potential prospects in a more large-scale way. But Gina wonders… where is the warmth? We know human connection sells, so is automation leaving some people feeling cold?

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200th Episode!!! – Consistency, Commitment, and Confidence

Yes! 200 episodes!!! It’s a celebration, but also a time to reflect. Today’s episode is a special message, straight to you, from the person who started it all – Gina Trimarco. This is Gina at her most inspiring, strong, and vulnerable. She looks back to the origins of the show, the devastating year of 2020, and the lessons, learning, and drive that brought her to the other side better and brighter than ever before.

Consistency, Commitment, and Confidence are qualities that are far easier said than done, and Gina explores the importance of these, plus much, much more.

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Episode 199 – Women In Sales: A Work In Progress

Gina and Susanna are back, fresh off their appearance at Outbound 2022! They are taking some inspiration from their main stage talk and bringing you another segment of Women In Sales. The conversation is about a “work in progress.” This applies to so many parts of life and career, because let’s be honest, who has it all figured out?

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Episode 198 – Discovering Your Values with Jenny Bristow

It may take time, reflection, and lessons learned, to align your value and your professional image. Today’s guest exemplifies that journey. Jenny Bristow, CEO and Founder of the health care marketing and analytics agency, Hedy and Hopp. Jenny is driven and determined and possibly the nicest person you’ll ever meet. In her tenure at her former company, Anvil Analytics, she realized that she was getting feedback from clients that company makeup didn’t represent the fun and innovative people that made up the core of her team. So she bought out her partner and underwent a rebrand to a new dynamic health care marketing company called Hedy and Hopp. Jenny explains the fascinating and inspiring origins of that name, and Gina and Jenny expand on when and why a rebrand is beneficial or necessary.

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Episode 197 – Flattery Will Get You Everywhere… Sometimes

Gina and Susanna are back with a remote recording from a hotel room in Atlanta with some champagne while at this year’s amazing Outbound Conference. Susanna asks Gina about flattery and how it effects those that give and receive it. Gina makes the distinction between honest flattery and phony flattery and shares a story where some people felt that giving a genuine compliment about someone’s appearance was inappropriate.

Of course they bring this back to the workplace and sales environments. People want praise for the work they do, but often find it lacking from their managers. Gina talks about the corporate love language and the importance of leaders to know how to best treat and motivate their team members as individuals.

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Episode 196 – Screw You, Save Me, Shall We Dance with Dion Flynn

Today is an extraordinary episode. Who would guess a comedian would deliver one of the deepest and most thought-provoking episodes of the season? Gina and Susanna welcome comedian, impersonator, keynote speaker and improviser mindset coach, Dion Flynn to the show. Dion starts by admitting that comedy is a way to talk about heavy subjects, disguised in humor. Susanna asks Dion about intensity, and how it plays a role in the sales environment. Dion warns that certain intensity gives off the stench of desperation.
Then things start to get deep. Conversations about addiction, DNA passed from our parents, difficult lessons from your upbringing, meditation, psychodrama, stabilizing your mind, healing old wounds, the power of stillness. Then it gets lighter with cashing in on prostate exams, presidential impersonations, searching for the love of your parents, an impromptu improv scene, and befriending and then reconnecting with Jimmy Fallon.

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Episode 195 – Be Like Brad, Brad Adams Answers Listener Questions

What is the number one reason people leave their jobs? That probably took you about two seconds to come up with the correct answer. Their boss. And what is the most hated thing that bosses do? Micromanage. Today Gina and Susanna are joined by a fellow Sales Gravy Senior Master Trainer, speaker, and Sales Acceleration Consultant to weigh in on some listener questions. The group discusses what exactly micromanaging is, is it ever necessary, and why might someone use this method of management in a numbers driven profession like sales.
They continue on covering lots of topics including, the power of persistence, being singled out as a top performer in both good and bad ways, generational divides, and multitasking vs. time blocking

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Episode 194 – The Girl’s Club – Listener Questions Answered!

After more than a month, it’s that time again. Listener Question’s Anwered!!

Today Gina and Susanna go rogue and give some real talk about issues that listeners have submitted. The first question is from a woman that is wondering if she should go into sales and what are some of the pitfalls. What follows is an incredibly nuanced discussion about both women and men in sales and business. They discuss management style, ingrained societal views, how your upbringing effects your viewpoint and behavior, and how much of the responsibility is laid at the feet of leadership and fostering a culture of inclusiveness and equality among the team.

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Episode 193 – Discovering Your Presence

We all know certain people that have that presence. We’ve all seen people who demand attention by just walking into a room. What is it that creates this sort of magnetism? While you may think you either have it or you don’t, Gina and Susanna dig deep into ways that everyone can kick their presence up another level.

Susanna explains ways to use body language, eye contact, and yes, even manufactured confidence to not only win over those around you, but to actually win over yourself. Genuinely becoming more like that person that you’re portraying. Gina talks about spatial presence and how to be acutely aware of your audience whether in person or even virtually. She gives examples of how to prime an audience and get them energized in order to keep them more engaged and captivated… in you.

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Episode 192 – Jerry From Jersey with Brandon Bornancin

We all start somewhere. Not all of us start from scrubbing toilets to CEO of a multi-million dollar company. But today’s guest, Brandon Bornancin, best-selling author and CEO of, did just that.

Selling ice cream at 14, janitor of his elementary school at 15, and then onto working at a call center soon after, opened his eyes to the possibility of sales. His experience growing up hopping from garage sale to garage sale and eating canned food solidified the mindset that there had to be a better way to live.

Enter Jerry from Jersey, swooping by in his convertible Mercedes, cigarette dangling from his lips, giving Brandon the advice of – “learn how to sell” and then peeling off. So sell he did. Listen to Brandon’s engrossing stories of high highs and crushing lows. Then keep listening to hear about, the company making profitable relationships and new revenue, seamless.
Do NOT miss any part of this episode. It could truly change your life.

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Episode 19I – I Want That Oreo Cookie with Donald C. Kelly

Gina and Susanna are thrilled to welcome back one of our very favorite guests here, Donald C. Kelly, author, Founder and Chief Sales Evangelist. When Donald last visited, he told the story of growing up in Jamaica and selling mangos at a fruit stand. He learned early on that many people sell the same thing, so it’s vital to know how to differentiate yourself. Gina recounts a story of being drawn to a lemonade stand in her neighborhood because it offered a free Oreo cookie with the purchase. This starts a conversation on how to look towards kids and their lack of self-consciousness in order to better our own sales process.

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Episode 190 – Storyselling with Bernadette McClelland

Today Gina and Susanna welcome back a good friend, sales coach, author, renowned international speaker, and Alien of Exceptional Ability (you’ll have to listen to find out), Bernadette McClelland,

Bernadette dives right into her specialty, sales Leadership. She talks about the different types of sales leaders.
They discuss the power of cultivating ideas from your team to build trust, and the difference between being task-focused and purpose-focused.

The conversation turns to feedback. People that arrive in leadership positions should be proactively looking for feedback from their team. Bernadette explains the effectiveness of ‘storyselling’, and the three components of it, storytelling, storycatching and storyseeking.

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Episode 189 – Introverts, Extroverts, Systems, and Sales with Matthew Pollard

Are you an introvert or extrovert? After listening to today’s episode you may be surprised. Matthew Pollard, author, keynote speaker, and rapid growth business authority, joins the show to talk about what he knows best – the “Introvert’s Edge.”

First Matthew, Gina and Susanna discuss what really defines an introvert and extrovert. Matthew then delves into introverts natural strengths, like listening and being empathetic. What an introvert needs to go to the next level is practice. Practice with wording and delivery which brings security and confidence in presentation. This allows them to move to active listening and being vulnerable with the audience which is what draws them in emotionally to them and their story.

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Episode 188 – Your Unfair Advantage with Stu Heinecke

Today Gina and Susanna welcome Stu Heinecke back to the show! Stu is an author, speaker, a WSJ cartoonist, and is known as ‘The father of contact marketing.’ He will also be presenting at this year’s Outbound Conference.

He starts with the subject of his latest book, How To Grow Your Business Like a Weed, and how people in business and sales need to strive to act more like a weed. Persistent, relentless, adaptable, overtaking territory, probing every possibility to take root and grow. How are weeds able to do this? Stu explains that it’s because they have many unfair advantages, and he shows you how you can discover your unique unfair advantages in order to leverage them.

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Episode 187- A Clearer Lens Into Sales with Anthony Iannarino

As we ramp up to Outbound 2022, Gina and Susanna welcome the incomparable Anthony Iannarino to the show.
Anthony gives a sneak peek of what he is bringing to the Outbound stage, discussing personality types and sales. He will help you to sharpen your message to clients by knowing how to avoid triggering them, how best to build a relationship with them, know what motivates them, and how to get their buy-in.
He also gives insight from his new book ‘Elite Sales Strategies’ including the mistakes being made by sales leaders when it comes to increasing effectiveness of the sales team, the importance of truly differentiating yourself, why to act like a consultant, and lessons he learned from his mom.

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Episode 186 – Got Sales Swagger?

Are you a salesperson? Is that your title but you really don’t feel like you are one? Do you feel like one, but you’re still running into situations that derail a deal and you’re not sure why?

Today Gina and Susanna talk about some of the most consequential faux pas in selling. Covering the big topics and then giving you golden advice on how to improve in these areas.

The importance of mindset, visualization, and having concrete monetary goals in order to be the best salesperson you can be. How training is essential, but skills learned but not used is training wasted.

They explain the power of swagger, how to avoid getting into the “friend zone” with a potential client, putting aside preconceived ideas during discovery, closing on clients that aren’t a good fit, being open to pushback, taking the focus off yourself and making other people look good, how persistence pays off, and why Gina doesn’t carry business cards.

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Episode 185 – The Sales Dating Game

Back by popular demand, it’s just the ladies going rogue and sharing their insights and unique perspective on sales. Today they are talking about the correlation between selling and dating and relationships.
They then shift to the topic of humor in sales. Both topics bringing loads of relatable and useful information to transform your selling.

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Episode 184 – Discovery: Listener Questions Answered

Today Gina and Susanna are back with what is quickly becoming a fan favorite. They are again taking listener’s questions and digging into them, giving you real world examples, advice, and training on how to level up your sales game. And this time they cover one of Gina’s favorites, discovery. The main questions asked on this episode are:

+How can I show a client that I’m actively listening?

+My client complained I never get to the point because we do such a deep discovery, they feel it goes around in circles and they want to get to the proposal more quickly. (ie. I just want to know how much this is going to cost)

+How can I make my client feel at ease on a discovery call because often they seem inhibited?

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Episode 183 – Training, Skill-Building, and Listening To Your Voice with Amy Franko

On today’s episode, Gina and Susanna welcome the incredible Amy Franko, sales strategist, consultant, trainer and key note speaker. Amy begins by delving into the mindset of leaders and companies in the current economic climate. There are those that are holding back and shrinking, and there are those that are continuing to invest and grow and leveraging opportunities.
They also discuss the feeling of being back to selling and interacting in person, their best ways to “operationalize the day” (Trademark Gina Trimarco), the importance of silence, why people quit sales, why patience and persistence are the key to change, how coaches need coaches, and is it possible to over learn?

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Episode 182 – Standing In Your Brand with Alex Husner and Annie Holcombe

Today’s show is incredible because you get not one but two guests who are leaders in the highly competitive travel and vacation rental market. Annie Holcombe, formerly of Expedia, and now VP of Business Development at Lexicon Travel, and Alex Husner, CMO at Condo-World. These two along with Susanna it makes three blondes today, so Gina is coming out strong to represent the redheads! Gina starts out recounting the origins of the podcast, the name, and why she started it almost four years ago. This of course leads into an amazing, organic conversation about women in business. Both the good and the bad, and group gives insights, tips, and personal stories of their experiences.

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Episode 181 – Selling The Price Increase with Jeb Blount

We all have a moment where we must approach a customer with price increases. It’s a painful and nerve-wracking situation. But the reality is that price increase campaigns are far more effective at boosting topline revenue and generating profits than acquiring new customers. So how do you get past the fear and doubt that surrounds this? Well, you listen to today’s guest – Jeb Blount who has just written the most comprehensive book ever on this subject – ‘Selling the Price Increase: The Ultimate B2B Field Guide for Raising Prices Without Losing Customers.’

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Episode 180 – Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Today’s episode starts off on the topic of hustle. It’s the key to getting you to those closed deals, and necessary when you need to dig yourself out of a low point. They discuss what motivators they have for sustaining their drive, both positive and negative. The importance of positive energy, visualization, and collaboration. This episode has truckloads of amazing real-world sales and business tips and advice, and you’ll be laughing the whole way through.

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Episode 179 – Shut Up and Listen with Joe Caruso

How many kids do you know dream of being a car salesperson when they grow up? How many people do you know that excitedly voice their love of salespeople? We can safely say that today’s guest has a different outlook than most people, which makes him an excellent person to learn from. Joe Caruso, sales coach, trainer, author, and CEO of Do It Today sits down with Gina for a straight-talking interview with tons of great content.

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Episode 178 – Your Voice with Jeff Bajorek

Your voice. There are so many ways to look at it. Standing up and letting yourself be heard. Your communication skills with potential clients. Your inner voice that may push you forward or hold you back. All of these things are are covered in today’s episode with one of the greatest voices in sales. Jeff Bajorek, Leadership and Management coach, corporate and executive trainer, author and speaker is back with Gina and Susanna.

As you know, this show doesn’t follow any script or boring pre-scripted questions. Today’s discussion starts with talking about Jeff’s amazing voice. Yes, just listen to it. But it goes well beyond that. Your voice is what sells. It’s finding common ground with prospects to close a deal, it’s the voice that finds a balance between pushing for a sale and being patiently empathetic with a potential buyer.

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Episode 177 – Who Murdered The Deal? With Amy Hrehovcik

The amazing Amy Hrehovcik, one of the most innovative voices in sales, joins Gina today as Susanna takes a much needed rest coming back from the States. Today is unique and fun, as Amy talks about her idea of a murder mystery game as a teaching tool for sales teams. Stripping away the tired old instructional methods, this is an unconventional and engaging activity to test the effectiveness of your sales motion. The discovery process, motivation, uncovering who is behind objections, the right questions to ask, looking for clues, and digging for answers while having fun and creating relationships.

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Episode 175 – Sell Without Selling Out with Andy Paul

We get a lot of big names coming through each week, and today is one of the biggest! Andy Paul, sales leader, coach, speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, the list goes on and on.

Andy begins by talking about the key to finding good salespeople. Finding the right fit for the organization tops the list. Without that, the skills and track record matter much less. He also discusses preparing people to communicate with executives and decision makers particularly in sales.

The show continues with more insights and wisdom that only Andy can bring. When prospects view all salespeople as the same, how can you be the difference? Who is the biggest influence on your sales development? Andy’s six types of questions that reveal buyer’s challenges, human-centered selling, reshaping the definition of productivity in sales, and why quotes hamper outcomes.

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Episode 174 – Equity and Resiliency with Cynthia Barnes

Are women treated equally in business? This is the question that Susanna posed in an online poll, and poses today on the show. It just so happens that she and Gina have the perfect guest to discuss this topic, Cynthia Barnes, award-winning sales influencer, keynote speaker, LinkedIn Top Voice, and the National Association of Women Sales Professionals Founder.

Along with discussing Susanna’s question, they get into the different ways that women approach advancement opportunities as opposed to men, why there’s a tendency for some people to emulate top performers instead of selling as themselves, perception vs. data, equity vs. equality, the essential trait of resiliency, and being celebrated – not tolerated.

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Episode 173 – Leadership Redefined with Beth Incorvati

What is leadership? How do you lead effectively? What is Servant Leadership? We’ve all seen leaders across the spectrum. Ones that help to create a thriving team, ones that are at the top of a group that rots from the head down, or many fall somewhere in between. Today’s guest knows that there is an art and science to it. There may be born leaders, but anyone with the ability to learn and complete tasks can do it. Beth Incorvati, Executive Business Consultant and Coach, and Founder of the CEO Sister Circle, joins Gina and Susanna for a show jam-packed with extraordinary advice.

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Episode 172 – Don’t Push – Pull with Nick Capozzi

We all know that Gina champions the idea of telling stories to create connections and make sales. Today she may have met her match. Nick Capozzi, Head of Storytelling at Demostack, joins the show.
This episode isn’t just about stories that you tell in order to build relationships and sell to clients. It’s also about asking the right questions to prompt prospects to tell their story to you, which in turn creates trust, which leads to a sale. Beyond that it’s also about the stories we tell ourselves. When we doubt ourselves, and worry about rejection or failure, are those true voices in our heads or something manifested from our past or those around us?

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Episode 171 – Be Better with Amy Hrehovcik

Sometimes people just click. Today is one of those days. Listen as Gina, Susanna and their guest, Amy Hrehovcik, meet for the first time and talk like they’ve known each other for years. Amy is the Head of Community at Salescast, and host of the Revenue Real Hotline podcast. The focus of this episode is about being better. Being a better person, a better friend in relationships, a better co-worker, and yes, a better salesperson.

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Episode 169 – The Power of Your Personal Brand with Kristina Jaramillo

If you want to know more about marketing and branding, and its relationship to sales, then today’s guest is the one you’ve been waiting for. Gina and Susanna welcome Kristina Jaramillo, President of Personal ABM, to the show.

People often think of branding as something that is exclusive to companies. But Kristina explains that personal branding is actually stronger than a company brand, because you sell to people, not to the business.
She emphasizes doing your homework, building relationships, and not telling a prospect how great you or your company is, but showing them through success stories and examples allowing them to decide that you’re the solution they’re looking for. This is where marketing is key in getting deals over the finish line, and the symbiotic nature of sales and marketing teams is where success is born out.

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Episode 168 – Value Over Volume with Phil Gerbyshak

What do you hope for from a guest for the podcast? How about high energy, witty, and fun, sharing extraordinarily valuable information all brought to you with sensible, midwestern charm? If so, then Gina is delivering you this today all wrapped in a bright package, with Phil Gerbyshak.

Phil talks about his new gig at BambooHR as a Senior Sales Enablement Program Manager, and how it’s refreshing to be part of an organization which lives it’s culture. This leads into a discussion on core values, learning from your clients, how to not be over or under “salesy,” and how to stay sharp.

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Episode 167 – Sales Leadership – Listeners’ Questions Answered

This show is one you cannot miss. Grab a pen and paper as Susanna and Gina answer questions from listeners of the show. She and Gina start out with a conversation about the frustrations of sales managers and team members.
They continue on with another listener question about how to get teams to participate more in meetings. Next up is a question about when a negative member of team begins to drag down the group. It’s an episode that is incredibly valuable for both managers, and those being managed.

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Episode 166 – Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

Are you fungible? Would you like to hear about the constellation theory? Then get ready for today’s very special guest, Camille Clemons, Executive Director of Business Development at Cohen & Company.
Camille talks about the power of a network. The home network. The Business network, and how you can cross-utilize the skills you learn in all parts of your life. She discusses the perfection we see every day on social media, but urges us to know that there are two sides. We all have difficult times, but making things right for your job, your clients, and your family takes hard work.

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Episode 165 – Going Rogue: Creative Selling

Finding the successful balance between framework/process and personalization/ spontaneity is all about creating a connection, because so often it’s not what’s in the proposal, it’s how it’s presented. The ability to pivot is well… pivotal. Gina and Susanna discuss how stress is a major creativity killer, and how to discover methods and moments that unlock your creative side.

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Episode 164 – Make It Mean Something with Christina Brady

Like Gina and Susanna, today’s guest was a student of the arts. Christina Brady, speaker, executive coach, and Chief Strategy Officer at Sales Assembly, had her sights set on Broadway or a hit sitcom. But life had other plans, and tragedy struck. When the waves of loss and grief come, you can find yourself getting pulled under, or summon all your strength and resolve to rise to the top, and that’s just what she did.

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Episode 163 – Celebrity Service with Geoff Ramm

Today we are going global and welcoming the biggest name in customer service in the UK to the show. Geoff Ramm, keynote speaker, creator and author of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘OMG Marketing,’ joins Gina and Susanna for this can’t miss episode. Hailed by Forbes as “A Game Changer,” Geoff brings his insights, expertise, and disarming British wit to The Women Your Mother Warned You About.

Geoff asks you to imagine a simple scenario… What if Adele or Beyonce walked into your business or asked for your services? How would they be treated? What lengths would you go to make them happy with their experience? It creates a new perspective on how you operate day to day.

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Episode 161 – Play Time! with Jordana Zeldin

Today’s guest Jordana Zeldin is a believer in practice. Gina is a believer in improv. Put them together and you get a honed, yet human sales process. Jordana is Founder and Sales Coach at Spriing Training, and Co-Founder of The Practice Lab.

She, Rachel and Susanna have a fun, and introspective conversation about when failing is a good thing, cultivating curiosity, letting your team see you suck, the timing and flow of your questions, the magic of meditation, digging deep into discovery, how to be yourself with a framework, putting the “play” back in roleplay, and why Susanna is a creepy stalker.

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Episode 160 – Recruiting as Sales

The ‘Great Resignation’ is not the whole story. The truth is that many people are changing jobs for more money, better management, or improved work-life balance. Both individuals and companies often think they can do this themselves, but the truth is that a recruiter is the best option.

Susanna Gray-Jones, Master Sales Trainer with Sales Gravy, sales recruiter, and possible co-host of the show discusses the finer points of the recruiting process with Gina.

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Episode 159 – Cultural Intelligence with Susanna Gray-Jones

Gina is ringing in 2022 with a very special guest, Susanna Gray-Jones, Master Trainer and Sales Coach with Sales Gravy. Susanna also lives in London and of course has a fabulous accent! This kicks off the conversation about the difference between cultural, social and professional norms between the US and the UK, and beyond. They discuss these different qualities and how important it is to adapt and understand prospects and clients that you may work with internationally.

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Episode 157 – The Gift of Great Advice

Happy Holidays everyone! The Women Your Mother Warned You About have been thinking of a gift to give you, and the choice was obvious – the gift of great advice. You can sit back and let the wisdom sink in, or sit up and take notes. But either way, you get the best advice, from the best salespeople, coaches, authors, and speakers that have been on the show over the last year. Hear from Anthony Iannarino, Andrea Waltz, Victor Antonio, Kendra Lee, Mark Hunter, Jeb Blount, and many more.

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Episode 156 – You Can Lose the Deal, But Not the Lesson with Shari Levitin

Sales trainer, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and Gina’s girl crush, Shari Levitin is here. The two begin with the subject of how our work lives have changed. It’s a new hybrid workforce, a gig economy and people are choosing happiness and flexibility over traditional office jobs and working themselves to death. The workforce has arrived there, now it’s time for leadership to catch up and learn how to lead in this new environment.

Shari also talks about the difficulty for salespeople to balance empathy and courage, how to recognize and rid yourself of bad prospects, That’s just a small part of it. There is SO much more to absorb from this incredible episode.

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Episode 155 – Clear Over Clever with Sara Frandina

Today Gina is reaching out just beyond the boundaries of traditional sales, welcoming Sara Frandina, Conversion Copywriter at Sara Frandina Strategies to the show, to bring you powerful information that you can use. Her passion is creating copy that delivers messages that will guide people to take intentional action. Prospects, clients, customers all need to make decisions, and she thrives on creating the content that impacts people positively, in order for them to make the best choice. Her strategies are full of lessons for salespeople and entrepreneurs.

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Episode 154 – Going Rogue: Childlike Wonder

What can we learn from a child? (Other than the fact that Gina has a course at Sales Gravy called Selling Like a Child). Today Gina and Rachel talk about the experiences from their childhood. The enthusiasm, frustration, passion, disappointment, wonder, failure, dreaming big, persistence, ingenuity, and new ideas. Just think about how that reflects the positive and negative paths in sales. Maybe there is still a child within us all, and that get what they want.

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Episode 153 – Show Me You Know Me with Samantha McKenna of #samsales

Samantha McKenna is the founder of @samsales, LinkedIn Expert, Keynote speaker and is a top 10 LinkedIn Sales Star of 2020. She talks about #samsales and what they provide to organizations from start-ups to Enterprise companies. Sales training, consulting, social selling, email marketing, with focuses on the foundation of sales, executive leadership, negotiations and much more. The conversation is fast, funny with a touch of crass, which makes Sam the perfect guest for Gina and Rachel.

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Episode 152 – Once Upon a Time, Bitches with Branden Lanette

Meet Brandon Lanette, The Women’s Mindset Coach and author of the amazing new book, ‘Once Upon a Time Bitches.’ She joins Gina for a can’t miss episode.
Branden talks with Gina about her path as an author and coach, how anybody can be somebody, how a book is like a baby, the smart way to scale, and an ultimatum that backfired. They continue with some very deep conversation on relationships, self-worth, and finding balance.
It’s an amazingly inspiring episode about not giving up on that part of you that keeps you alive and gives you purpose, and how embracing who you are doesn’t mean sacrificing accomplishment. Listen now and thank us later.

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Episode 151 – Going Rogue: Win, Lose or Learn

It’s true that we learn from wins, as it can set out a road map for succeeding the next time around. But often the losses are where the real lessons come. The lasting lessons. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Gina reminds us that you have to make the time to actually learn from it. Sometimes we’re so busy running from one thing to the next, the lessons that are sitting there, get passed by.

Rachel talks about how to turn defeats into introspection for improvement the future, and not to go outward and shift blame to those around us.

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Episode 150 – Selling a Vision with Julia Meadows

In sales, we are always looking to impart wisdom and lessons from other areas. Well today is one of those days. Gina welcomes Julia Meadows, director of Sales Growth and Enablement at Bloomerang.
Gina and Julia discuss the key similarities between non-profits and sales. The biggest one being, that a fundraiser’s power lies in relaying compelling stories and selling a vision to their prospective donors. They delve into the subtle differences between the two, in cultivating connections and the importance of follow up, and how sales professionals can take valuable lessons from it.

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Episode 149 – How Productive Leaders Lead with Dr. Mary Kelly

There are so many in leadership positions that just don’t know, and haven’t been taught how to lead. Today’s guest knows a thing or two about this subject. Mary C. Kelly, PhD is the CEO of Productive Leaders, a leadership development group that improves profit growth and productivity. She is a best-selling author and keynote speaker and was a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD
She talks with Gina and Rachel about how to be the person with solutions, the importance of personal control, knowing that you lead individuals that can’t be lumped into one style, and how to set people up for success. Dr. Kelly also reveals her two most important characteristics of a productive leader.

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Episode 148 – Setting Boundaries In Business with Justine Sones

Today the Women Your Mother Warned You About welcomes a guest that was so impactful the first time she was on, that they had to have her back. Justine Sones is a writer, stress management, and self-care coach. Her focus today is on boundaries, and getting away from constant people pleasing. She explains not just how to set healthy boundaries but to be connected and aware enough to respect them from others. Gina brings each lesson home to how it will benefit you in sales. How being vulnerable helps us to crack the most resistant buyers, how people pleasing may lead you to give too much away at the table, the ability to find a middle ground where both parties are happy, and the importance of the long game.

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Episode 147 – Be a Resource, Not a Resume with Brynne Tillman (The LinkedIn Whisperer)

Do you use LinkedIn? Yes? Ok, then you need to listen to this episode. Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link, joins the show. A self-described “recovering sales trainer,” who found a new path with a powerful tool – LinkedIn. She saw the ability to be able to build relationships at scale. She talks with Rachel, a new convert to the site, about just how powerful it can be for sales professionals.

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Episode 146 – How Not To Get In Trouble In Sales with Art Sobczak

There is a dichotomy in sales right now. Newer salespeople are less likely to use the phone as their main form of communication, yet after almost two years of living remotely, there is a hunger for real conversation. There just happens to be an ideal guest to delve into the intricacies of “Smart Calling.” In fact today’s guest has a best-selling book of the same name. Art Sobczak, prospecting and inside sales trainer, keynote speaker and award-winning author joins the show. Gina, Rachel and Art have a wonderful, no-nonsense discussion about effective sales calling

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Episode 145 – Professionals Practice Until They Can’t Get It Wrong

“Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” We all start something new or make a shift into an unfamiliar space at some point. Today Gina and Rachel talk about lessons from Jeb Blount’s CEO mindset, and how confidence is key, and in many situations it’s all that you have. And while projecting confidence can get you so far, when you find yourself frustrated or struggling with something new, the answer isn’t easy, but it’s simple… practice, practice, practice

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Episode 144 – Going Rogue: Just Breathe

Anxiety, stress, high blood pressure. One or all of these finds there way into our life at some time. In this rogue episode, Gina and Rachel talk about the power of breathing and the the connection between the power of breathing and mindset, the ability to “hit the wall” and push through, the feeling you get in a fight or flight situation, how to regain your composure, managing emotions, and the realization that you are capable of more than you believe. What could it mean for you?

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Episode 143 – Sell It Like A Mango with Donald Kelly

Gina and Rachel are thrilled to have the one and only Donald Kelly on today’s show. Donald is a sales trainer and founder of The Sales Evangelist.
Donald started his sales career selling mangos at a roadside stand as child. While it is a far cry from where he is now, the lessons he learned there were ones that still mean something today.

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Episode 141 – Boundaries, Stress, and Throwing Axes with Justine Sones

Do you have a little stress in your life right now? Hahahahahaha! Yeah, just a bit. Gina and Rachel are both at high levels as they conquer new and challenging roles. Luckily, they have the perfect guest to help them and anyone out there, that may be feeling like they’re dangling at the end of their rope.

Justine Sones is a writer and stress management coach who helps burnt-out humans set healthy boundaries and practice sustainable self-care.

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Episode 139 – Deal With What Is with Stu Heinecke

Gina and Rachel are thrilled to have “The Father of Contact Marketing,” author, speaker, trainer and world famous cartoonist for The New Yorker and The Wall Street Journal, Stu Heinecke on the show!

Stu brings his trademark story-telling, and also mountains of information with him. He believes that if you’re alive, you have to sell, and to sell you need to connect with people. Stu has used personalized cartoons and humor to break through.

Along with talking about his latest books, he discusses how to hook people with your communication, tips on ultra-short emails that actually work, and gets you thinking about what you can do to demand attention, start conversations and create connections.

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Episode 138 – How To Fake It with Darryl Praill

It’s always a fun show when Darryl Praill is your guest. Top SaaS Branding Expert, B2B Marketer, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster. He might just be someone you want to listen to.

Between speaking French with Rachel and barking Shih Tzus barging in, Darryl brings a boatload wisdom. He talks about some of the new tools to really take control of every step of your sales methodology, the grind of quotas, the importance of workplace culture, why to be the world’s biggest cynic and how to fake it.

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Episode 137 – Know Yourself, Know Your Audience with Kenyetta Gordon

Many of us have thought about the impression we make with people both personally and professionally. But have we really considered the importance of having a personal brand? Kenyetta Gordon joins the show today to speak about just how crucial it is, especially for salespeople.

Kenyetta is an author, image and branding consultant, and owner of 11:Eleven Reveals, a personal brand development agency. Your personal brand is about presenting your image to the world and telling your story, before others tell it for you

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Episode 136 – Ballet, Star Wars Dreams, and Going For No with Andrea Waltz

How many times have you convinced yourself of getting no for an answer before even asking? Yes, that’s everyone. So going for no, takes time, practice, and persistence in order to free yourself from self-fulfilling rejection. There is no one more knowledgeable to talk about this subject than Andrea Waltz, trainer, keynote speaker and co-author of the amazing ‘Go For No.’ Listen and see how no is just a pathway to yes.

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Episode 135 – Going Rogue: Be The Very Best You

So you’re wondering if working with a sales, or other type of coach is the right decision for you. Well having three amazing sales coaches with diverse backgrounds all together discussing this topic is exactly what you need. Gina, Rachel and our old friend Keith Walters are here with some real talk on raising your game with a coach.

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Episode 134 – Make The Customer Look Good

One of the biggest names in sales is here, Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter. Aside from being a multiple best-selling author and keynote speaker, Mark travels the world helping companies to land and retain the best prospects at the best price.

Today Gina and Rachel have a wide-ranging conversation with Mark, to put it mildly. You’ll want to come for the amazing advice and insight on relationship building, the necessity of caring, and how important it is to just shut up and listen. And you will want to stay to hear about Gina’s early days in morning radio and pranks that Mark pulled at a morgue.

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Episode 133 – Selling An Idea with Rachel VanRensselaer

Today’s guest Rachel VanRensselaer, is fresh into her sales career, but already is exhibiting a deep understanding and application of sales processes that point to extraordinary things for her future. Gina and Rachel P. go step by step of how Rachel V. ran a workshop on selling from the beginning to the end of her and Rachel P.’s interaction. She also talks about using curiosity to resolve objections, how she develops her prospecting list, how she skillfully maneuvered through Covid excuses, and how growing up in a funeral home honed her communication skills.

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Episode 132 – Beans, Gravy and a Recipe For Sales Success with Carrie Martinez

Great partnerships in history succeed through combined skills, temperaments, and vision. So is the case with the success of Sales Gravy and the partnership between Jeb Blount and today’s guest, Carrie Martinez, CFO of Sales Gravy. Carrie is also Jeb’s partner in marriage, and she joins Gina and Rachel today to give some fascinating insight into the organization. From it’s humble beginnings, to the ingenuity and determination that has made it the sales juggernaut that it is today, and how her yin to Jeb’s yang creates the perfect balance in business and in life. And there is a bit about poison beans, but you’ll have to listen to find out.

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Episode 131 – There’s Room For All Of Us with Cara Kirsch

Inclusivity, support, championing each other. These are things that today’s guest believes it is vitally important for women to come together and do, especially with their professional peers. Gina and Rachel welcome Cara Kirsch, Area VP for Gallagher, a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting.

Cara shares her views on women in business and corporate settings and the unconscious gender bias that is still so prevalent in the workplace. She also gives advice on how to handle it, when you see or experience it. She also touches on subjects very dear to Rachel and Gina’s heart, imposter syndrome, and the myth of work/life balance.

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Episode 130 – The Balance with Bianca Collings

Today Gina and Rachel are excited to welcome Bianca Collings, lifelong entrepreneur, VP of Marketing at Skipio, and our sponsor at Outbound!! Bianca has an extraordinary past, starting as a professional harpist, then traveling to Taiwan, studying Chinese, onto being a business owner and ground-breaker on Facebook. Bianca is also a mother of five. She discusses the challenge of balance for successful working parents in business, life and family.

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Episode 129 – The Future of Virtual Sales with Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio, sales leader, keynote speaker and best-selling author, brings his trademark energy and straight-talk to the show. Victor shares some stories from his career and how leaving the corporate life taught him to hustle and educate himself. He emphasizes the importance of taking chances, working your butt off, marketing yourself, and that it’s ok to really like making money for it. Gina and Rachel then have an in depth conversation with Victor about the future of sales as virtual selling has exploded due to the pandemic.

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Episode 127 – Selling Change with Bernadette McClelland

Usually it takes a little time to choose a good title for an episode. But today’s guest, Bernadette McClelland, sales coach, author, and renowned international speaker, brings SO much to the show today that the title possibilities were endless.

The Art of Commercial Conversations
Confidence Fuels Cash Flow
Sales Is Not a Linear Process
A Transformational Experience For Your Buyer
Play The Long Game
Conviction, NOT Convincing
The Right Kind of Tension
Finding Your Brave
Start In The Middle
Closing Loses Opportunities
Conscious Selling
And the list goes on. So do not miss a minute, and don’t forget to take some notes!

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Episode 126 – Invest In Yourself with Amy Franko

Today’s guest wasn’t born a “Woman Your Mother Warned You About.” But she grew into it after starting her career at IBM, working for, and alongside confident, successful women. Then becoming an entrepreneur taught her to actively take opportunities and not sit by and wait for them.

Amy Franko, keynote speaker, sales strategist and best selling author joins Gina and Rachel to talk about her new book, The Modern Seller, the importance of having a coach, investing in yourself, and knowing the difference between a pattern and a rut.

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Episode 125 – The Past, Present and Future of Outbound with Jeb Blount

Outbound 2021 is fast approaching, and today one of the creators of Outbound joins the show. Jeb Blount is a bestselling author, world renowned speaker, one of the most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience, CEO of Sales Gravy, sponsor of the show, and… Gina’s boss!

Rachel, Gina and Jeb sit down and talk like old friends about how Outbound was born and some of the bold plans for its future. Jeb also fills in all the details about this years conference.

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Episode 124 – Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome with Anthony Iannarino

One of the biggest names in sales joins the show today! Anthony Iannarino, international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader, has some real talk with Gina and Rachel. They start with the importance of growing client relationships and how important it is to be proactive and not reactive. How to engage and support them in the critically rough times, and to not just give them what they want, but what they need.

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Episode 123 – Prospecting In A Remote World with Kendra Lee

2021 is turning out to have very different outcomes for different groups of people in sales and business. Some are busier and more profitable than ever, while some are struggling to get by. Today, Kendra Lee, sales consultant, author and founder of the KLA Group, joins the show. She, Gina and Rachel discuss what some got right and the mistakes that others have made. And more importantly, the mindset and emotional responses that may have sabotaged some of them.

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Episode 122 – Success Is Not Logical with Meridith Elliott Powell

Relentless vision. That is what today’s guest brings to the show. Meridith Elliott Powell, sales strategist, leadership expert, speaker, and award-winning author joins Gina and Rachel for an episode that will seem to fly by, but you’ll have to listen again to absorb all of the wisdom that Meridith is dropping.

Meridith bucks the idea of “getting back to normal,” and champions the idea of getting excited about the unknown. She tells how those that have thrived during the last year have done so by letting the client lead. And she reveals her keys to communication and the number one thing you need to be successful.

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Episode 121 – Show Them Why You’re Worth It with Jeff Bajorek

Sometimes the best conversations happen when the show goes off script and gets real. Especially when those conversations are about… being real. Today Gina and Rachel have some real talk with Jeff Bajorek, sales trainer, consultant, author, and podcast host. The discussion zeros in on the fear of being who we are and what we choose to share of ourselves depending on the audience, how we are our own worst critics, and how being honest with who we are will set ourselves apart from the pack, attract more business and repel the clients we didn’t want anyway.

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Episode 120 – Personal Growth Fuels Professional Growth with Larry Levine

Larry Levine, veteran sales leader, trainer, and author of the best-selling book, Selling From The Heart, is here to talk about something that many salespeople shy away from… authenticity and personal growth.
Larry is the first to admit that sales is tough, but you make it harder on yourself when you fake it. He knows that being true to who you are will allow you to create genuine connections and yes, sell from the heart.

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Episode 119 – Sleazy Service Equals Lost Sales

When someone’s sales tactics render Gina and Rachel speechless… you know that you’ve done something amazing or really sleazy. Today’s show is focusing on the sleazy side of customer service and pressure sales that make you want to run for the hills, and what lessons you can learn from them for your business, and client contact.

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Episode 118 – Eyes In The Direction You’re Headed

Rachel and Gina have a conversation about business and sales basics and use metaphors from Rachel’s recent travel to illustrate them.
The vital link between customer service and sales, asking the right questions, quality over quantity, getting up after failing, the importance of coaches and how to block out the noise around you and confidently go the direction you want.

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Episode 117 – Sales Is a Battlefield with James Beaty

You might wonder why Rachel and Gina have a military recruiter on today’s show. But as they have said before – nearly every job is a sales job. James Beaty, Sales Gravy’s Director of Military Training Operations – East, will give lessons he’s learned from basic training through 15 years of award winning recruiting, that directly translates to teams, sales, and prospecting.

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Episode 116 – The Mind, Body, Career Connection with Rick Guerrero

For today’s guest it’s all about the hustle. Rick Guerrero started in retail, then worked and partnered his way to Director of Branch Sales of the Southeast Region for US Mortgage.
Rick talks with Rachel and Gina about a physical fitness routine for mental focus, a clean diet, and meticulous scheduling of his time. Things really start to heat up when Rick shows something very impressive of his to Gina!

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Episode 115 – Don’t Stop Dreaming BIG

Somewhere along the way, we can get comfortable, we stagnate, and lose forward momentum. Luckily Gina and Rachel are here to give you a swift kick in the butt. This episode is filled with motivating nuggets and real world examples to get you thinking about your dreams again.

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Episode 114 – Mentally Tough Women with Deb Lewis

Have we been looking at stress all wrong? We try to avoid it, we let it grip us, we retreat from it. But retreating is not in Deb Lewis’ vocabulary. She is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A retired Army Colonel and Harvard MBA, who survived the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, and founder of Mentally Tough Women. Deb joins Rachel and Gina with a message of harnessing stress and transforming it, allowing us to see the beauty in any situation no matter how difficult.

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Episode 111 – People Over Prada with Leslie Montanile

Rachel and Gina welcome Leslie Montanile, a matrimonial attorney at a boutique practice in NY, and CEO and Founder of Ask Leslie the Lawyer.

She brings her high energy, no-nonsense personality to the show and discusses nuances of marriage and divorce, her career journey and how she gave up a more high profile corporate path to help people in some of their most difficult times.

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Episode 109 – Sales Isn’t A Numbers Game with Liz Wendling

Liz Wendling is a big name in the sales world. Speaker, sales consultant, author of six best selling books. Who would have guessed she would also be the definition of a woman your mother warned you about?
Do not miss today’s conversation with Gina, Rachel and Liz. Her energy is off the charts, and she is here to unload an enormous amount of sales wisdom.

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Going Rogue: Best of 2020

The year is finally coming to an end (Hurray!) and today is the always entertaining Best of 2020 show, hosted by the show’s multi-talented producer Doug Branson. Sit back and enjoy some of Rachel and Gina’s hand-picked clips that stuck with them over the past fifty episodes from some very memorable guests. You’ll feel smarter, sexier, and more irreverent afterward.

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Episode 105 – The Hype Handbook with Michael F. Schein

There’s never been more ways to seen, but it’s never been harder to break through all the clutter and noise to actually get noticed. Today’s guest is a master of promotion, marketing and yes – hype.

Michael F. Schein is an international speaker, the founder and president of MicroFame Media, a marketing agency that specializes in making idea-based companies famous in their fields, and author of The Hype Handbook

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Episode 95 – Going Rogue: Write That Down

Before you listen to this episode, go grab a pen and paper. You’re gonna want to write this down. As is usual with rogue episodes, there is a lot of ground covered, and this time Keith Walters joins Gina and Rachel in the fun.
So get ready to take notes on a wide range of topics

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Episode 90 – Taking Sales Action In A Recession With Steve Benson

Yes we are in a recession. Yes salespeople are facing headwinds in a way they haven’t in a very long time. So Gina and Rachel have invited the perfect guest to help guide you through these precarious times.

Steve Benson is a sales expert and trainer, Google Enterprises top sales executive, and Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, the number one sales app in the Apple app store.
Steve has an enlightening conversation about overcoming the obstacles that are littered across the sales highway right now

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Episode 81 – Being A Go Giver with Bob Burg

Join Rachel and Gina for a very special episode with a multiple best-selling author, and sought after keynote speaker, Bob Burg.

Bob is the author of the timeless sales book, Endless Referrals, and is the co-author of the Go Giver series. Today the group discusses the main points of being a “go giver.

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Episode 80 – Going Rogue Women vs Men Covid-Style

Today’s episode goes a bit rogue! The whole gang gets together to discuss navigating through the ever-changing threat of the Coronavirus and how it impacts our lives.

One of the most vital questions is if women will be impacted to greater degree than men as the virus rages on. If schools don’t open in the fall, how will that effect families and will women feel the need to alter or even quit work? Or are there other possibilities?

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Episode 78 – Going Rogue: Amplify Yourself

Gina and Rachel have a candid and honest conversation about one of the foundations of this podcast: being your true self and amplifying that to the world. This chaotic time in our lives can also be a forgiving one. A time where you can take the opportunity to “Be the she you want to be” without obsessing over how those around you react.

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Episode 76 – Going Rogue: Axes and Exes

Sunday was “happy go lucky axe throwing” day. Monday was “ugly cry” day. Tuesday was “using the axe for violence” day. For Gina and Rachel it’s just another week under the stresses of Coronavirus. In this Rogue Episode we’re discussing the emotions of stressful, uncertain times, how we express them and how we find partners to balance those expressions.

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Episode 70: Failing Forward with Lea Woodford

We’ve all faced challenges and suffered set-backs in our lives and careers. But it’s how we react, get back up and move ahead that makes the difference. No one knows this better than today’s guest, Lea Woodford. She faced years of adversity, only to use those lessons to become CEO and founder of and Smartfem Entertainment.

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Episode 68: Crushing Coronavirus Chaos Part 2

As our lives continue to be upended by the Coronavirus, Gina and Rachel have a candid conversation about how to forge ahead during this time. How to stay informed but not overwhelmed, managing concerns about our children and finances, and how to use this time to break out and try something new.

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Episode 65: Crushing Coronavirus Chaos

It’s on the news and on everyone’s mind. Coronavirus is effecting every facet of our lives and businesses. Gina and Rachel have a raw and irreverent conversation about the effects and implications of the pandemic. PLUS! What if this social distancing is actually a catalyst for greater human connection?

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Episode 63: Roseann Higgins – The Sailor Who Became A “Romance Headhunter”

Relationships are hard especially if you don’t establish the right connections early. This is as true in business as it is in life. Our guest today is Roseann Higgins, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert. As CEO of Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, Roseann implements executive recruiting techniques, coupled with a highly ethical and personal touch to bring people together who are looking for love. 

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Episode 62: Laura Casselman – From Rockette To CEO

A girl scout, a Rockette, and a groundbreaking CEO walk into a podcast…

It’s not a joke, Laura Casselman, the CEO of tech giant JVZoo, is here to share her incredible story. She is a published writer (Forbes, Entrepreneur, SmartInsights, etc.), international speaker, and a leader in workplace gender equality. She’s here to share wisdom from 17 years of experience in increasing sales and revenue, improving customer service, and working to control expenses in competitive markets.

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Episode 59: West Point Woman – A “Unique Experience” For Sara Potecha

Our guest today is an accomplished author, consultant, and leadership coach. As a popular speaker, she uses her extraordinary storytelling to bring leadership lessons to life. As one of the first generation of women to attend the Army’s West Point Academy, Sara brings us stories from her time there, and weaves those experiences into lessons in leadership, sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, and to be yourself as a strong woman even in male dominated surroundings. Above all, she reminds us to “Show up and make a difference.” 

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Episode 55: What Women & Men Want From Each Other

Relationships (business or personal) and “relations” not only share a common root word they also share a lot of the things that either make them successful or fall apart. Keith and Gina use the book Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm to discuss how  your communication, attention and understanding can make a statement in your love life and bank account. This episode is hot and not bothered by any discussion…you’ve been warned!

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Episode 49: If You’re Not Pissing Some People Off, You’re Probably Not Trying Hard Enough with Lauren Bailey

“Am I here to please everybody or am I here to make things better?”
This question drove our guest today, Lauren Bailey, to start her passion project #GirlsClub and lays at the foundation of her life’s work in sales. Lauren is the Founder of Factor 8, The Sales Bar, and #Girls Club, and she’s on a mission to help more people feel more successful at work. She’s helping entry level salespeople conquer cold call confidence and preparing women for sales leadership positions in front-line management.

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Episode 48: Courage Mindset For Company Growth with Jill Young

Starting a company and growing a company require the same core element: courage. Fear can cripple a company’s ability to plan for the future and have the discipline to act on plans or strategies. In this episode we talk with someone who cuts through the fear and the BS that is keeping you from realizing your sales, business, entrepreneurial dreams using a revolutionary business planning system. 

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Episode 47: Badass Women In High Stress Occupations with Kate Bailey

It’s difficult to have a full understanding of the immense stress and pressures that people in public service (Police/Fire/Medical) feel unless you’ve experienced it yourself. It can be even more stressful for women, who often operate in male dominated environments that force them to adjust and adapt. Today’s guest has made it her mission to help these badass women thrive in and out of their workplaces. 

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Episode 44: Yes, You Do Have A Choice with Tina Clements

Are you swimming in the victim pool with everyone else or have you chosen to dry off and make your life happen?

Our guest today, Tina Clements is offering a lifeline to business people and companies who are drowning in fear, indecision and blame. She’s here to discuss the warning signs and action steps we can take to get control of our own professional destinies. 

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Episode 43: Chase Your Dreams with Gabi Garrett

Entrepreneurs believe a lot of things. “The client doesn’t like my work.” “There’s no way I’m getting that referral.” “The phone will never ring again.” Our guest today, Gabi Garrett is helping entrepreneurs believe in the one thing that will help them achieve their dreams, themselves. 

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Episode 42: Beatin’ the Bots with Anita Nielsen

New technology is only as good as the operator who uses it. It can be used for sales shortcuts or sales gold. How will you use it?Our guest today is a sales performance consultant with over twenty years of experience in B2B sales and support. Anita Nielsen is the author of Beat The Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career.

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Episode 40: Retreat To Refresh Your Business

Keith is fresh off a vacation that opened his mind, filled his belly with vegan delights and gave him all new perspective on life, work and raw cacao. The question we’re dealing with today is, “In order to move forward in business, sales, revenue do we have to retreat?” Taking a step back from the grind can be difficult, even anxiety inducing. But study after study, anecdote after anecdote seem to all be pointing in one direction. The grind is killing you AND your potential to make more money. 

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Episode 38: Building Resilience

Today we’re getting serious for a moment and diving deep on one of the most important skills you can have in sales and life: resiliency. Resilience isn’t created out of thin air. It is not gifted. Resilience is built over time through experience, confronting risk and making mistakes. Today we’ll share with you strategies galore from leading experts for building resilience in your children and yourself as an adult. The journey is never over and it rarely gets easier BUT we are worthy of getting better. 

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Episode 37: Conversation Starters With The Our Shawn McBride

Are you standing out or sitting this one out? Our guest today has all of the credentials you would need to demand attention and claim authority but that didn’t stop him from building a brand that “suits” him. Known for his crazy suits, speaker The Our Shawn McBride knows all about capturing attention and starting conversations that lead to business.

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Episode 36: From Expert To Influencer with Heather Havenwood

Our guest today, Heather Ann Havenwood, argues that the influencer model has surpassed the expert model in it’s ability to establish a brand. How do you establish an identity that attracts people, that moves people, that influences their buying decisions. These are questions that go beyond your instagram following. These are questions about the identity you create for yourself and show to your prospect in every sales situation.

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Episode 32: Overcoming Objections with Jeb Blount

“In sales your job is to go out and find some rejection and bring it home.” That’s the blunt, profound sales truth you can expect from our guest today Jeb Blount, best-selling author of Sales EQ and Fanatical Prospecting. Rejection is not only a part of sales it lays at the very foundation. If you’re giving up on the first rejection you are missing out on sales opportunities. 

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Episode 30: Body Image in Business and the Boudoir

How we feel about ourselves on the inside affects how we look on the outside and how we feel about ourselves on the outside affects our mood inside. The physical and mental are hopelessly intertwined and if it’s out of balance it is certain to negatively affect our personal and business relationships. If you’ve ever looked into the mirror and had your day ruined, this is the confidence boosting episode you need today. You’ve been warned!

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Episode 28: Taboo Topics: It’s That Time Of The Month

The Cycle. Aunt Flo. Time of the Month. Code Red. All of these are cute nicknames for a reality that is wrapped in shame, cultural stigmas and headaches for women everywhere. Of course, we’re talking about your period. It’s the first installment in a series of discussions on taboo topics. Gina, Rachel and Keith try to answer some of the question marks around your period and how it affects the way you work.

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Episode 24: The Sales Development Playbook with Trish Bertuzzi

Don’t waste great sales talent on a terrible gameplan. We’ve got a guest today’s who has made it her life’s purpose to develop the right strategies to out-maneuver any competition. Trish Bertuzzi is an expert in developing sales teams and sales plans for B2B technology companies and she defines the name of this show, a true woman your mother warned you about. 

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Episode 23: Managing Your Emotions

Gina and Rachel are all up in their feelings. Well really, they’re just talking about emotions, specifically emotional intelligence. As our sales worlds get faster, more complex and communication face to face becomes less prevalent it’s more important than ever to make everything we say COUNT…and not count against us. 

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Episode 22: Think Like a Buyer with Jerry Acuff

Your customer doesn’t want to be sold, so why are you thinking like a seller? Gina and Rachel are joined today by Jerry Acuff, entrepreneur, best-selling author and one of the top 15 sales experts worldwide. He comes from humble beginnings, and eventually rose from sales rep to Vice President/General Manager of a $650 million company, then built Delta Point Inc., his multi-million dollar marketing and sales consulting company.

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Episode 20: Choose to Win with Tom Ziglar

In this episode, Gina and Rachel talk to Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar and the CEO of Ziglar Inc. He is author of the new book, Choose to Win. We talk with Tom about the Ziglar signature concept of Persistent Consistence and how it applies to every aspect of life and how it connects with his own philosophies of winning in sales and in life. 

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Episode 19: 10X Your Sales with Jarrod Glandt

When you are trying to 10X your income, success requires a non-option mentality. So says our guest today, Jarrod Glandt, VP of Sales at Cardone Enterprises and Co-Host of the Young Hustlers Podcast. Jarrod has learned from and advised some of the best in our business and he’s here today to help you drop the excuses and live a life you’ve always dreamed of.  

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Episode 17: Creativity Creates Cash

Your creativity, however it manifests, will be the difference between you and your competition. Today Gina, Rachel and Keith are discussing creativity and humor in the selling process. What are you willing to do to stand out from your competition?

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Episode 15: The Great Girls Network with Margery Miller

Today we’re talking to someone who absolutely defines the name of our show. Margery Miller is a 60’s radical who never lost her spirit for women’s activism. Margery believes that there is still a lot that needs to change for women in the business world which is why she founded The Great Girls Network, a safe space for women to step out and speak up.

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Episode 13: Getting Back To Business After Life Happens with Keith Walters

Rachel, Gina and Keith dive into the struggles of dealing with personal, life issues that take you away from work and what the best way is to transition back to work after being gone. Whether it be from being out for surgery, a death in the family or taking care of an ailing parent, it can be very tricky to manage work and personal affairs. Sometimes you have to have the courage to be vulnerable about what you need and just ask for help.

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Episode 11: Raising Money To Help Kids Raise Money with Barb Royal

To make your dreams a reality, oftentimes, it comes down to dollars and “sense.” 

Fundraising is the topic of today’s show and it takes on a double meaning with our guest Barb Royal. Barb founded and developed Kids Can Give Too, a web based app that makes it easy for kids to donate a portion of their birthday gifts to charity. Barb started out with an amazing idea but had to raise money…to help other raise money. 

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