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Episode 130 – The Balance with Bianca Collings

Today Gina and Rachel are excited to welcome Bianca Collings, lifelong entrepreneur, VP of Marketing at Skipio, and our sponsor at Outbound!! Bianca has an extraordinary past, starting as a professional harpist, then traveling to Taiwan, studying Chinese, onto being a business owner and ground-breaker on Facebook. Bianca is also a mother of five. She discusses the challenge of balance for successful working parents in business, life and family.

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Episode 129 – The Future of Virtual Sales with Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio, sales leader, keynote speaker and best-selling author, brings his trademark energy and straight-talk to the show. Victor shares some stories from his career and how leaving the corporate life taught him to hustle and educate himself. He emphasizes the importance of taking chances, working your butt off, marketing yourself, and that it’s ok to really like making money for it. Gina and Rachel then have an in depth conversation with Victor about the future of sales as virtual selling has exploded due to the pandemic.

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Episode 127 – Selling Change with Bernadette McClelland

Usually it takes a little time to choose a good title for an episode. But today’s guest, Bernadette McClelland, sales coach, author, and renowned international speaker, brings SO much to the show today that the title possibilities were endless.

The Art of Commercial Conversations
Confidence Fuels Cash Flow
Sales Is Not a Linear Process
A Transformational Experience For Your Buyer
Play The Long Game
Conviction, NOT Convincing
The Right Kind of Tension
Finding Your Brave
Start In The Middle
Closing Loses Opportunities
Conscious Selling
And the list goes on. So do not miss a minute, and don’t forget to take some notes!

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Episode 126 – Invest In Yourself with Amy Franko

Today’s guest wasn’t born a “Woman Your Mother Warned You About.” But she grew into it after starting her career at IBM, working for, and alongside confident, successful women. Then becoming an entrepreneur taught her to actively take opportunities and not sit by and wait for them.

Amy Franko, keynote speaker, sales strategist and best selling author joins Gina and Rachel to talk about her new book, The Modern Seller, the importance of having a coach, investing in yourself, and knowing the difference between a pattern and a rut.

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Episode 125 – The Past, Present and Future of Outbound with Jeb Blount

Outbound 2021 is fast approaching, and today one of the creators of Outbound joins the show. Jeb Blount is a bestselling author, world renowned speaker, one of the most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience, CEO of Sales Gravy, sponsor of the show, and… Gina’s boss!

Rachel, Gina and Jeb sit down and talk like old friends about how Outbound was born and some of the bold plans for its future. Jeb also fills in all the details about this years conference.

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Episode 124 – Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome with Anthony Iannarino

One of the biggest names in sales joins the show today! Anthony Iannarino, international speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and sales leader, has some real talk with Gina and Rachel. They start with the importance of growing client relationships and how important it is to be proactive and not reactive. How to engage and support them in the critically rough times, and to not just give them what they want, but what they need.

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Episode 123 – Prospecting In A Remote World with Kendra Lee

2021 is turning out to have very different outcomes for different groups of people in sales and business. Some are busier and more profitable than ever, while some are struggling to get by. Today, Kendra Lee, sales consultant, author and founder of the KLA Group, joins the show. She, Gina and Rachel discuss what some got right and the mistakes that others have made. And more importantly, the mindset and emotional responses that may have sabotaged some of them.

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Episode 122 – Success Is Not Logical with Meridith Elliott Powell

Relentless vision. That is what today’s guest brings to the show. Meridith Elliott Powell, sales strategist, leadership expert, speaker, and award-winning author joins Gina and Rachel for an episode that will seem to fly by, but you’ll have to listen again to absorb all of the wisdom that Meridith is dropping.

Meridith bucks the idea of “getting back to normal,” and champions the idea of getting excited about the unknown. She tells how those that have thrived during the last year have done so by letting the client lead. And she reveals her keys to communication and the number one thing you need to be successful.

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Episode 121 – Show Them Why You’re Worth It with Jeff Bajorek

Sometimes the best conversations happen when the show goes off script and gets real. Especially when those conversations are about… being real. Today Gina and Rachel have some real talk with Jeff Bajorek, sales trainer, consultant, author, and podcast host. The discussion zeros in on the fear of being who we are and what we choose to share of ourselves depending on the audience, how we are our own worst critics, and how being honest with who we are will set ourselves apart from the pack, attract more business and repel the clients we didn’t want anyway.

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Episode 120 – Personal Growth Fuels Professional Growth with Larry Levine

Larry Levine, veteran sales leader, trainer, and author of the best-selling book, Selling From The Heart, is here to talk about something that many salespeople shy away from… authenticity and personal growth.
Larry is the first to admit that sales is tough, but you make it harder on yourself when you fake it. He knows that being true to who you are will allow you to create genuine connections and yes, sell from the heart.

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Episode 119 – Sleazy Service Equals Lost Sales

When someone’s sales tactics render Gina and Rachel speechless… you know that you’ve done something amazing or really sleazy. Today’s show is focusing on the sleazy side of customer service and pressure sales that make you want to run for the hills, and what lessons you can learn from them for your business, and client contact.

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Episode 118 – Eyes In The Direction You’re Headed

Rachel and Gina have a conversation about business and sales basics and use metaphors from Rachel’s recent travel to illustrate them.
The vital link between customer service and sales, asking the right questions, quality over quantity, getting up after failing, the importance of coaches and how to block out the noise around you and confidently go the direction you want.

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Episode 117 – Sales Is a Battlefield with James Beaty

You might wonder why Rachel and Gina have a military recruiter on today’s show. But as they have said before – nearly every job is a sales job. James Beaty, Sales Gravy’s Director of Military Training Operations – East, will give lessons he’s learned from basic training through 15 years of award winning recruiting, that directly translates to teams, sales, and prospecting.

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Episode 116 – The Mind, Body, Career Connection with Rick Guerrero

For today’s guest it’s all about the hustle. Rick Guerrero started in retail, then worked and partnered his way to Director of Branch Sales of the Southeast Region for US Mortgage.
Rick talks with Rachel and Gina about a physical fitness routine for mental focus, a clean diet, and meticulous scheduling of his time. Things really start to heat up when Rick shows something very impressive of his to Gina!

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Episode 115 – Don’t Stop Dreaming BIG

Somewhere along the way, we can get comfortable, we stagnate, and lose forward momentum. Luckily Gina and Rachel are here to give you a swift kick in the butt. This episode is filled with motivating nuggets and real world examples to get you thinking about your dreams again.

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Episode 114 – Mentally Tough Women with Deb Lewis

Have we been looking at stress all wrong? We try to avoid it, we let it grip us, we retreat from it. But retreating is not in Deb Lewis’ vocabulary. She is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A retired Army Colonel and Harvard MBA, who survived the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, and founder of Mentally Tough Women. Deb joins Rachel and Gina with a message of harnessing stress and transforming it, allowing us to see the beauty in any situation no matter how difficult.

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Episode 111 – People Over Prada with Leslie Montanile

Rachel and Gina welcome Leslie Montanile, a matrimonial attorney at a boutique practice in NY, and CEO and Founder of Ask Leslie the Lawyer.

She brings her high energy, no-nonsense personality to the show and discusses nuances of marriage and divorce, her career journey and how she gave up a more high profile corporate path to help people in some of their most difficult times.

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Episode 109 – Sales Isn’t A Numbers Game with Liz Wendling

Liz Wendling is a big name in the sales world. Speaker, sales consultant, author of six best selling books. Who would have guessed she would also be the definition of a woman your mother warned you about?
Do not miss today’s conversation with Gina, Rachel and Liz. Her energy is off the charts, and she is here to unload an enormous amount of sales wisdom.

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Going Rogue: Best of 2020

The year is finally coming to an end (Hurray!) and today is the always entertaining Best of 2020 show, hosted by the show’s multi-talented producer Doug Branson. Sit back and enjoy some of Rachel and Gina’s hand-picked clips that stuck with them over the past fifty episodes from some very memorable guests. You’ll feel smarter, sexier, and more irreverent afterward.

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Episode 105 – The Hype Handbook with Michael F. Schein

There’s never been more ways to seen, but it’s never been harder to break through all the clutter and noise to actually get noticed. Today’s guest is a master of promotion, marketing and yes – hype.

Michael F. Schein is an international speaker, the founder and president of MicroFame Media, a marketing agency that specializes in making idea-based companies famous in their fields, and author of The Hype Handbook

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Episode 95 – Going Rogue: Write That Down

Before you listen to this episode, go grab a pen and paper. You’re gonna want to write this down. As is usual with rogue episodes, there is a lot of ground covered, and this time Keith Walters joins Gina and Rachel in the fun.
So get ready to take notes on a wide range of topics

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Episode 90 – Taking Sales Action In A Recession With Steve Benson

Yes we are in a recession. Yes salespeople are facing headwinds in a way they haven’t in a very long time. So Gina and Rachel have invited the perfect guest to help guide you through these precarious times.

Steve Benson is a sales expert and trainer, Google Enterprises top sales executive, and Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, the number one sales app in the Apple app store.
Steve has an enlightening conversation about overcoming the obstacles that are littered across the sales highway right now

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Episode 81 – Being A Go Giver with Bob Burg

Join Rachel and Gina for a very special episode with a multiple best-selling author, and sought after keynote speaker, Bob Burg.

Bob is the author of the timeless sales book, Endless Referrals, and is the co-author of the Go Giver series. Today the group discusses the main points of being a “go giver.

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Episode 80 – Going Rogue Women vs Men Covid-Style

Today’s episode goes a bit rogue! The whole gang gets together to discuss navigating through the ever-changing threat of the Coronavirus and how it impacts our lives.

One of the most vital questions is if women will be impacted to greater degree than men as the virus rages on. If schools don’t open in the fall, how will that effect families and will women feel the need to alter or even quit work? Or are there other possibilities?

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Episode 78 – Going Rogue: Amplify Yourself

Gina and Rachel have a candid and honest conversation about one of the foundations of this podcast: being your true self and amplifying that to the world. This chaotic time in our lives can also be a forgiving one. A time where you can take the opportunity to “Be the she you want to be” without obsessing over how those around you react.

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Episode 76 – Going Rogue: Axes and Exes

Sunday was “happy go lucky axe throwing” day. Monday was “ugly cry” day. Tuesday was “using the axe for violence” day. For Gina and Rachel it’s just another week under the stresses of Coronavirus. In this Rogue Episode we’re discussing the emotions of stressful, uncertain times, how we express them and how we find partners to balance those expressions.

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Episode 70: Failing Forward with Lea Woodford

We’ve all faced challenges and suffered set-backs in our lives and careers. But it’s how we react, get back up and move ahead that makes the difference. No one knows this better than today’s guest, Lea Woodford. She faced years of adversity, only to use those lessons to become CEO and founder of and Smartfem Entertainment.

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Episode 68: Crushing Coronavirus Chaos Part 2

As our lives continue to be upended by the Coronavirus, Gina and Rachel have a candid conversation about how to forge ahead during this time. How to stay informed but not overwhelmed, managing concerns about our children and finances, and how to use this time to break out and try something new.

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Episode 65: Crushing Coronavirus Chaos

It’s on the news and on everyone’s mind. Coronavirus is effecting every facet of our lives and businesses. Gina and Rachel have a raw and irreverent conversation about the effects and implications of the pandemic. PLUS! What if this social distancing is actually a catalyst for greater human connection?

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Episode 63: Roseann Higgins – The Sailor Who Became A “Romance Headhunter”

Relationships are hard especially if you don’t establish the right connections early. This is as true in business as it is in life. Our guest today is Roseann Higgins, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert. As CEO of Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective, Roseann implements executive recruiting techniques, coupled with a highly ethical and personal touch to bring people together who are looking for love. 

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Episode 62: Laura Casselman – From Rockette To CEO

A girl scout, a Rockette, and a groundbreaking CEO walk into a podcast…

It’s not a joke, Laura Casselman, the CEO of tech giant JVZoo, is here to share her incredible story. She is a published writer (Forbes, Entrepreneur, SmartInsights, etc.), international speaker, and a leader in workplace gender equality. She’s here to share wisdom from 17 years of experience in increasing sales and revenue, improving customer service, and working to control expenses in competitive markets.

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Episode 59: West Point Woman – A “Unique Experience” For Sara Potecha

Our guest today is an accomplished author, consultant, and leadership coach. As a popular speaker, she uses her extraordinary storytelling to bring leadership lessons to life. As one of the first generation of women to attend the Army’s West Point Academy, Sara brings us stories from her time there, and weaves those experiences into lessons in leadership, sacrifice, overcoming obstacles, and to be yourself as a strong woman even in male dominated surroundings. Above all, she reminds us to “Show up and make a difference.” 

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Episode 55: What Women & Men Want From Each Other

Relationships (business or personal) and “relations” not only share a common root word they also share a lot of the things that either make them successful or fall apart. Keith and Gina use the book Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm to discuss how  your communication, attention and understanding can make a statement in your love life and bank account. This episode is hot and not bothered by any discussion…you’ve been warned!

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Episode 49: If You’re Not Pissing Some People Off, You’re Probably Not Trying Hard Enough with Lauren Bailey

“Am I here to please everybody or am I here to make things better?”
This question drove our guest today, Lauren Bailey, to start her passion project #GirlsClub and lays at the foundation of her life’s work in sales. Lauren is the Founder of Factor 8, The Sales Bar, and #Girls Club, and she’s on a mission to help more people feel more successful at work. She’s helping entry level salespeople conquer cold call confidence and preparing women for sales leadership positions in front-line management.

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Episode 48: Courage Mindset For Company Growth with Jill Young

Starting a company and growing a company require the same core element: courage. Fear can cripple a company’s ability to plan for the future and have the discipline to act on plans or strategies. In this episode we talk with someone who cuts through the fear and the BS that is keeping you from realizing your sales, business, entrepreneurial dreams using a revolutionary business planning system. 

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Episode 47: Badass Women In High Stress Occupations with Kate Bailey

It’s difficult to have a full understanding of the immense stress and pressures that people in public service (Police/Fire/Medical) feel unless you’ve experienced it yourself. It can be even more stressful for women, who often operate in male dominated environments that force them to adjust and adapt. Today’s guest has made it her mission to help these badass women thrive in and out of their workplaces. 

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Episode 44: Yes, You Do Have A Choice with Tina Clements

Are you swimming in the victim pool with everyone else or have you chosen to dry off and make your life happen?

Our guest today, Tina Clements is offering a lifeline to business people and companies who are drowning in fear, indecision and blame. She’s here to discuss the warning signs and action steps we can take to get control of our own professional destinies. 

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Episode 43: Chase Your Dreams with Gabi Garrett

Entrepreneurs believe a lot of things. “The client doesn’t like my work.” “There’s no way I’m getting that referral.” “The phone will never ring again.” Our guest today, Gabi Garrett is helping entrepreneurs believe in the one thing that will help them achieve their dreams, themselves. 

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Episode 42: Beatin’ the Bots with Anita Nielsen

New technology is only as good as the operator who uses it. It can be used for sales shortcuts or sales gold. How will you use it?Our guest today is a sales performance consultant with over twenty years of experience in B2B sales and support. Anita Nielsen is the author of Beat The Bots: How Your Humanity Can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career.

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Episode 40: Retreat To Refresh Your Business

Keith is fresh off a vacation that opened his mind, filled his belly with vegan delights and gave him all new perspective on life, work and raw cacao. The question we’re dealing with today is, “In order to move forward in business, sales, revenue do we have to retreat?” Taking a step back from the grind can be difficult, even anxiety inducing. But study after study, anecdote after anecdote seem to all be pointing in one direction. The grind is killing you AND your potential to make more money. 

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Episode 38: Building Resilience

Today we’re getting serious for a moment and diving deep on one of the most important skills you can have in sales and life: resiliency. Resilience isn’t created out of thin air. It is not gifted. Resilience is built over time through experience, confronting risk and making mistakes. Today we’ll share with you strategies galore from leading experts for building resilience in your children and yourself as an adult. The journey is never over and it rarely gets easier BUT we are worthy of getting better. 

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Episode 37: Conversation Starters With The Our Shawn McBride

Are you standing out or sitting this one out? Our guest today has all of the credentials you would need to demand attention and claim authority but that didn’t stop him from building a brand that “suits” him. Known for his crazy suits, speaker The Our Shawn McBride knows all about capturing attention and starting conversations that lead to business.

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Episode 36: From Expert To Influencer with Heather Havenwood

Our guest today, Heather Ann Havenwood, argues that the influencer model has surpassed the expert model in it’s ability to establish a brand. How do you establish an identity that attracts people, that moves people, that influences their buying decisions. These are questions that go beyond your instagram following. These are questions about the identity you create for yourself and show to your prospect in every sales situation.

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Episode 32: Overcoming Objections with Jeb Blount

“In sales your job is to go out and find some rejection and bring it home.” That’s the blunt, profound sales truth you can expect from our guest today Jeb Blount, best-selling author of Sales EQ and Fanatical Prospecting. Rejection is not only a part of sales it lays at the very foundation. If you’re giving up on the first rejection you are missing out on sales opportunities. 

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