Episode 258 – The Diamond Rule: Purposeful Differentiation In Business with Stan Phelps

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Today Gina welcomes the definition of a differentiator. Stan Phelps, author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator discusses his unique concept of the ‘Goldfish Series’ – a set of books focusing on various aspects of business strategy, all symbolized by different colored goldfish. Phelps explains the idea behind each color, such as purple representing differentiation and customer experience, or green symbolizing employee well-being. He also introduces the ‘Diamond Rule’, a concept that integrates both self-understanding and empathy into handling business under pressure. He elaborates on various business behavior styles symbolized by animals, like Rhino (control), Deer (influence), Porcupine (power), and Bear (authority), that help to identify individual and team characteristics in a business environment.

 – Stan Phelps’ Background and Achievements
 – Stan’s Unique Approach to Differentiation
 – Stan’s Goldfish Metaphor Explained
 – The Significance of the Color Purple in Stan’s Book
 – The Concept of ‘Lanyap’ and Its Importance in Business
 – Stan’s Journey to Writing His First Book
 – The Importance of Exceeding Customer Expectations
 – The Green Goldfish: Prioritizing Employee Engagement
 – The Importance of Transparency in Business
 – The Impact of Effective Onboarding on Employee Retention
 – The Trilogy of Stan’s Goldfish Books
 – Understanding the 80/20 Principle in Business
 – Exploring the Law of the Vital Few and the Trivial Many
 – The Evolution of the Goldfish Series
 – The Black Goldfish and the Future of the Series
 – Introducing the Goldfish Tank Program
 – Discussing the Diamond Rule
 – Understanding Behavioral Styles in Business
 – Applying the Diamond Rule in Sales and Business

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