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What an amazing episode!! Gina welcomes the one and only Chuck Gallagher, business ethics expert, consultant, keynote speaker, and author. Chuck, discusses the importance of ethical behaviour in business transactions. Starting from the top in building an organizational culture of trust and accountability, he shares startling truths about common ethical breaches and offers insightful advice on building psychologically safe spaces within organizations. He highlights the importance of effectively dealing with the three common triggers to unethical behaviour The episode also delves into Chuck’s personal journey, from being a convicted felon to becoming a leading figure on company ethics. The conversation underscores that while lapses happen, our past doesn’t define our future, and it’s never too late to start walking an ethical path.

Overcoming Sales Struggles During Holidays
Introducing Guest Speaker: Chuck Gallagher
Chuck’s Perception of the Show’s Title
Chuck’s Professional Journey and Balancing Multiple Roles
The Role of Creativity in Sales
The Impact of AI on Creativity and Mundane Tasks
Chuck’s Past as a Convicted Felon and His Redemption
The Importance of Trust and Transparency in Business
The Intersection of Ethics and Sales
The Reality of Business Ethics
Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in Everyday Life
Identifying Triggers that Lead to Unethical Choices
The Role of Social Media in Ethical Dilemmas
The Impact of Personal Triggers on Ethical Choices
The Role of Emotional Connection in Ethical Choices
The Balance Between Privacy and Ethical Oversight
Understanding the Consequences of Ignorance in Ethical Dilemmas
The Importance of Ethical Leadership in Organizations
The Role of Training in Promoting Ethical Behavior
The Consequences of Ignoring Ethical Dilemmas
Conclusion and Contact Information
The Power of Choice in Ethical Dilemmas
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