Episode 265 – From Imposter Syndrome To Ultra High Perfomer and Leader

Episode Overview

On today’s show, Gina welcomes Amanda Hanus, AKA, the human spark plug, a notable professional in the world of sales and leadership. Hailing from the greater Chicagoland area and now residing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Amanda has carved a niche for herself as a selling powerhouse. She and Gina talk about her journey from humble beginnings, her early exposure to the sales environment through interning at Northwestern Mutual, and her adventurous transition to professional sales roles in various sectors.

Amanda gives a glimpse of the determination and strategic mindset that propelled her upward trajectory that was initially fueled by her desire for financial independence and control. She candidly shares her leap from being average to becoming an ultra-high performer by embracing fanatical prospecting and continual self-belief. Furthermore, Amanda discusses her holistic leadership style, which emphasizes the importance of nurturing relationships, personalized goals, and recognizing individual strengths within her team.

Key Takeaways:

  • The transformative power of sales enables individuals to dramatically improve their financial situations and make impactful life choices.
  • Leadership goes beyond management; it’s about knowing your team intimately and supporting them to excel with self-awareness and tailored motivation.
  • Amanda’s approach to remote work highlights the creativity and adaptability required to stay energized and productive from afar.
  • Strategic changes, such as relocation incentivized by remote work-friendly cities, offer professional and personal growth opportunities.
  • Fostering female career development and addressing taboo topics can inspire and resonate deeply with women in professional scenarios.

Amanda can be found on Instagram for cigar aficionados at @MissChicagoCigar.

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