10 Wish List Must Haves

As working adults, our holiday wish lists are often a record of practical need (like new tires and someone to take your car to get those new tires because really, who has the time for that) or things that not even Santa and all his worldly magic are capable of producing, like the ability to be in two places at once or achieving that elusive work-life balance. 

Fortunately for you, the Women Your Mother Warned You About have your back.

In Episode 51 guest Denise Gosnell gives you some tips on how to work less, live more and realize that perfect level of productivity that gives you whatever amount of free time you desire. And co-hosts Rachel Pitts and Gina Trimarco put together a holiday wish list that is not only practical, but puts the sexy back in business with books about utilizing your feminine power, lipsticks that will have your pout looking perfect through the longest of days and a carryall tote that is equal parts pragmatic and chic; especially because it comes in the ladies’ favorite color, a shade of red dubbed “siren”. 

Save the tire appointment for later and add these to your list instead.


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