All I Really Need To Know I Learn in a Pandemic

In 1986 Robert Fulghum published a collection of personal essays titled All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The title comes from an essay in which Fulghum muses over a list of things taught in a kindergarten classroom and how the world would be a much more peaceful place if people continued to employ that simple list into adulthood. Amongst them…

“Share everything.”

“Play fair.”

“Don’t hit people.”

“Clean up your own mess.”

“Don’t take things that aren’t yours.”

“Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.”

“Wash your hands before you eat.”


He goes on to mention taking naps, eating warm cookies and watching out for traffic all of which is sound advice and has you nodding your head in agreement “you know what Bob, you’re really on to something!” 

After the last few months however, I thinks it’s safe to say that Mr. Fulghum might consider publishing a sequel with the aid of the Women Your Mother Warned You About. With that said, we give to you…


“Estheticians, hair removal and nail techs should be essential businesses.” Rachel Pitts

“Guys care less about makeup on women than women care about makeup on women.” Keith Walters

“The reality is we’re all dying.” Gina Trimarco

“Nobody gets a fucking boob job to improve their business unless they’re a stripper.” Rachel’s husband.

In all seriousness, it’s important to use this time to learn. As Keith says “this a great opportunity to be learning, learning about yourself, learning where the world can go because hanging on to the expectation that things are going to go back to the way they were is silly. Things are gonna be different.” 

Don’t know where to start? Start by listening to episode 74!

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