Be Human Online

You’ve seen the gimmicks, tricks, and hacks that are being sold out there to help you grow your social media followers to 10,000+ people overnight. You’ve probably been tempted by that as you watch your InstaGram followers grow slowly.

The truth is that hacks for growing your true social following are a myth. You have to grow your social media audience one relationship at a time, just like in the real world.

Kamelia Britton is a Travel & Lifestyle Influencer who was named one of the Top 50 Travel Influencers of the year at the 2018 Influencer Awards in Monaco. She’s had successful partnerships with major lifestyle brands such as Expedia, Coca-Cola, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Herbal Essences, Dasani, Godiva, and many more. Kamelia has created beautiful travel content in partnership with luxury brands such as The Four Seasons, The Fairmont, The Intercontinental Hotel, Kandima Maldives, Calabash Cove St. Lucia, and the San Diego International Film Festival.

Kamelia knows a thing or two about growing her InstaGram fan base. She points out that the best way to grow your audience is by being HUMAN online. Don’t be fake, because people can pick up on that just as easily as they can in person. Kamelia has mastered the art of making you feel like you are best friends online. And, that’s because she takes the time to answer every message, respond to every comment, and make comments on others’ posts.

It’s time-consuming and a lot of work. Sounds kind of like building relationships with sales prospects on the phone and in person, doesn’t it? Lots of follow-up and plenty of touches. Yep, it’s the same.

That is…if you want it to actually work.

If you are seeking 10,000 followers, Kamelia will ask you to ask yourself: Why do you need 10,000 followers? Unless you are trying to build your brand as an online influencer (note: you have to work double-time on building relationships if this is your end goal) or a huge national/international brand, you only need to focus on those 1,000 or so followers who might actually buy from you. Spend time building the relationship, send them through your funnel, give them your freebie, and so on.

Do you really want to send DMs to 10,000 people?

Maybe you do…and that’s great. So, get to work.

Because social media gimmicks don’t actually work.

Relationships work online, just like in real life.

For more awesome advice from Kamelia, and to hear her amazing story, check out Episode 27…

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