Create Yourself

Search ‘inspirational quotes’ on Pinterest or pick up almost any self-help text and you’re bound to come across some variation of the phrase “find yourself”. We like to think this expression means well but it kind of externalizes the whole idea of defining yourself as a person; as if you have to go somewhere to get this accomplished. Yoga retreats and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail are cool for gaining clarity and releasing endorphins but the idea that you have to embark on a physical journey to know who you are is a bit misleading. 

We prefer the phrase ‘create yourself’ or as co host Rachel Pitts says “be the she you want to be”.  Or in words that might not look as cool on an Instagram post, we all have the power to discover ourselves but we also have the power to decide who we want to be. It’s not even as existential as one might think, “it doesn’t have to be your end all be all” says Rachel. She quoted Chalene Johnson, creator and developer of Marketing Impact Academy, “just get over yourself.” Creating yourself is a fluid concept, one that you can continue to make edits to as you grow as a person, it’s constantly asking yourself…

“What do I like? What am I into right now? What makes me happy?”

But unless you recently bought a winning lottery ticket or are the recipient of a large inheritance in the bank you’re going to have to feed and clothe yourself (and possibly others) so creating yourself has to be able to put money in the bank. For example, let’s say you really enjoy cooking, it wouldn’t be completely insane for you to make a career out of being a chef or writing cookbooks. We would recommend having your head examined however if you think you can be like the couple you see on House Hunters where the wife collects Beanie Babies and the husband tunes harmonicas and their budget is $950K. We’re talking about finding real sustainable ways to make a living by capitalizing on things that make you happy.

Let’s take our very own Rachel Pitts for example, she started dancing when she was 5 years old and has remained active in the dance world since, finding success as a professional dancer for many years and continuing to grace local stages when the opportunity presents itself. This passion for dance opened the doors to the fitness and nutrition industry and eventually led her to create and develop UltraFitLifestyle which she describes as “processes and products that will help you stay consistent in your growth and forward motion creating the habits and routines that make up YOUR UltraFitLifestyle.”

Then you have Gina Trimarco who started her business after losing her job when the economy crashed in 2008. She combined her professional experience with her personal knowledge and founded Carolina Improv Company and eventually it’s corporate alter ego, Pivot 10 Results

So now the question is, HOW?. 

You can start by simply answering those questions we laid out above and it would be beneficial for you to define your niche and assess your strengths. Neither Rachel or Gina would be successful in these areas if they weren’t skilled in public speaking or verbal communication. Can you imagine doing improv comedy or instructing a fitness class if talking in front of people caused you to break out in hives? Not a good time. 

So we challenge you to “be the she you want to be” and remember, the Women Your Mother Warned You About are here to help!

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