“Everyone Will Notice, No One Will Know”

You’ve heard celebrities, athletes and even some of your more positive-minded coworkers preach the phrase “when you look good, you feel good”.

Deion Sanders went on to say “if you feel good, you play good and if you play good, they pay good” while MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre closed with “if you feel good, you do good” and tennis pro Maria Sharapova is quoted as saying “if you feel good, you will always perform your best without worrying about anything.”

Basically, if you look good, well the possibilities are endless. 

This is where Dr. Jim Turek and his team at DermaVogue can help. Opened in 2003, DermaVogue has been combining Dr. Turek’s expert medical knowledge with cutting-edge technology to bring you the best in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology through effective, flawless solutions to all of your skincare and cosmetic needs.

Cohosts Rachel Pitts and Gina Trimarco like to say “he keeps us looking prettier than we already are!” 

How does Dr. Turek do this?  By offering a laundry list of dermatological services including well known options like Botox, facial fillers and lip injections and other, more innovative procedures like Secret™ RF Microneedling which effectively rebuilds and revitalizes the skin and Erbium Laser Resurfacing that removes surface-level and moderately deep lines and wrinkles. 

He jokes “we were doing Botox before it was approved. In 1998 it was approved for muscle spasms and things like that but not for facial lines.” It wasn’t until a group of Doctors started using it for facial expression lines that everyone was saying “we have to do this.”

But what about the pain?

And the recovery time?

And I still want to look like myself!

In Episode 53: The 411 on Botox, BioTE, & Other Beauty Tools, Dr. Turek addresses all those concerns. In searching for the right place to go for any and all cosmetic procedures he advises “you want someone with a lot of experience, someone who can evaluate your face and identify the right corrective procedures”. It’s also about feeling safe with whoever you choose.  Often times the team at DermaVogue will offer free services to new patients allowing them to come in and feel comfortable with the people and the place. 

“You have to first get their trust, and then get their business.” he tells the Women Your Mother Warned You About. Solid advice for everyone in business. 

With regards to the pain associated with Botox and some of the other fillers, he describes it as a “flash in time” since they use some of the smallest needles on the market. Is a ‘flash’ too long? For some procedures including lip injections, Dr. Turek can use a dental nerve block or topical anesthetic. And as far as recovery times, most services have a quick turnaround. Only a few procedures, like the CO2 Resurfacing Peel, can take more than two weeks to completely heal. 

But what if looking good is only half the battle in your struggle to feeling good?

Dr. Turek can help with that too. He’s a certified practitioner for BioTE, a hormone optimization therapy that can allow you to age healthier and happier. Pronounced ‘bio-tea’, this is a pellet-based procedure that identically replaces the hormones men AND women lose over the course of their lives. Balancing hormones is a natural way to feel younger and happier while increasing your mental clarity, sex drive and ability to lose weight. Custom-compounded to your unique physiology, non-synthetic, plant-based hormones are made into pellets that are then quickly and easily inserted into your glutes (or abdomen depending on your line of work and preference) and you feel the effects in just days. 

Now you can look good on the outside while feeling good on the outside. 

And maybe play good and do good too. 

As Dr. Turek says about all of his services and procedures “everyone will notice but no one will know.

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