Habits: How to Replace the Bad with the Good

Habit = a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

So, what would happen if you replaced ONE bad habit with a good one?

In Episode 20, Tom Ziglar explains how replacing just ONE bad habit with a good one, and doing this on a consistent basis, can dramatically change the direction of your life.

Gina and Rachel were absolutely over the moon to welcome Tom Ziglar, son of the world-renowned speaker and influencer, Zig Ziglar, on WYMWYA. Focusing on Tom’s new book, Choose to Win, the nuggets of knowledge were amazing. You simply MUST listen to the entire episode…

How to do this?

Look at any area of your life and notice what bad habits you have. Then, replace one of the bad ones with a good one. Sounds simple, right?

It is…

And, the simple things are sometimes the hardest to do!

In sales, one of the worst habits people have is to start the day without a game plan. They simply show up, see what fires are burning and go from there.

That’s a bad habit!

What if the last thing you did every day before shutting down for family or chill time was to make a plan for the next day? Key people you will call the next day, main objectives to achieve the next day, etc…

It will take only 5-10 minutes at the end of the day. The result will be that you start the day off running towards your goals rather than yawning and trying to figure out a direction.

If you only did THIS…how would your business start to look over time?

You can repeat this process in every single area of your life:

  • mental
  • spiritual
  • physical
  • family
  • finance
  • personal
  • career

Remember: it won’t work just to stop a bad habit. A person who decides to quit soft drinks might just switch to Twinkies if they don’t replace the bad habit with a GOOD one, such as more water from a brand new, special water bottle that tracks how much she is drinking.

One bad habit replaced with one good one….consistently over time.

You’ll love the results…be sure to tell us how it’s working for you!

Be sure to grab Choose to Win, Tom Ziglar’s book HERE.

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