Make a List, Check it Twice

You make grocery lists so you don’t end up with a cart full of nonsense. You make ‘to do’ lists to keep your day on track. You make bucket lists for motivation in achieving life goals.

So if lists have the ability to help us set concrete objectives, aid in remembering important information and take action plans from mere vague intentions to a tool of visual accountability, why wouldn’t we also use them to find love? 

We know what you’re thinking, ‘you want me to add ‘tall, dark and handsome’ under ‘don’t forget to take out the trash’?

ABSOLUTELY, and so does our most recent guest Roseann Higgins, professional matchmaker and dating and relationship expert. “I would give homework to your listeners. I like to have two lists. I want to know what are the top 10 criteria that you’re looking for in the person of your dreams.” And because it takes two to tango. Roseann also wants “the top 10 criteria or qualities that make you, you.”

Co hosts Gina Trimarco, Rachel Pitts and Keith Walters couldn’t have agreed more.  

Keith conceded, “something about putting it out in the world creates that attraction” and Rachel credits Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect and it’s talk about creating a list in finding her husband and their incredible connection. 

Why does the list work?

“If you know with clarity who you are and what you want then you can review it and internalize it and step into your amazingness and be positive when you’re out in the world.” Roseann said in Episode 63. “Now you have a better chance of attracting the right one and repelling the wrong ones.” 

Think this homework is just for those looking for love? Think again. What if you could put pen to paper and identify the perfect sales prospect or the best business partner? The Women Your Mother Warn You About encourages listeners to use Roseann’s ‘Top 10 Criteria’ homework to find and develop the right professional relationships.

You’ve made your list.

You’ve checked it twice.

You’ve decided who’s naughty and who’s nice.

Now what?

Well Santa was no dummy…you go to town! Obviously.

“Go out there, be your beautiful self!”  said Roseann. “Spend some time and get some things on your calendar so that you can meet the type of man (or woman) you want to meet.” 

And for those of you, guys specifically, who haven’t been very good at making decisions for yourself when it comes to love or you can’t trust yourself not to ‘buy with your eyes’, call Roseann. With 25 years experience as a professional matchmaker, she can be trusted not lose her cool when meeting pretty girls.  “When I meet a beautiful woman nothing happens. I don’t change. I don’t have any confusion. I don’t forget what to say. I don’t get lost. I don’t miss the things that she says that might clue [you] in to a red flag.

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