Make Every Sales Call a Good One

Do you have a fear of the phone?

Don’t worry…a lot of salespeople procrastinate on making sales calls because of this fear.

Here’s a bit of strategy to make EVERY sales call a great call!

Rachel recently made a shift from real estate sales over to the mortgage side of sales. Since she’s new to the mortgage arena, yet she knows a ton of local Realtors very well, she’s burning up the phone calling them right now. Her angle is this: 

  • Let them know about her shift into the mortgage industry.
  • Create empathy with them since she has been a Realtor for 10 years.
  • Acknowledge that the Realtor she is talking to probably already has a lender or two that they send business to regularly.
  • Ask if her name can be thrown into the hat.
  • Ask if it’s ok to follow up with an email so they have her contact info.
  • Ask if there’s any other way she can help them right now.

And, so far, Rachel reports that she hasn’t had a bad phone call yet!

How can YOU apply this to your calls and phone calls?

Approach every phone call as if it WILL be a great one. Have a script or agenda for the call and also be open to letting the conversation go a different direction. Be prepared for the prospect to tell you they already have a service provider. Respond that you just want to make them aware that you are the new kid in town.

Gina would add: Ask for the micro-commitment (straight outta Jeb Blount’s new book called Objections.) Ask them if they are ok with you sending them a follow-up email and adding them to your list. Then, don’t forget to follow up!

The phone can feel like a direct line to rejection. If you spin it into a game of how to make every phone call a good one, it won’t seem so daunting.

And hey…even if the person hangs up on you, the win is one of 2 things:

  1. Now you know that the person who hung up can be crossed off the list.
  2. Maybe this person will respond to patient persistence…keep em on the list!

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