Put Down the Scissors

The world is shutdown and the United States is closed for business. 

Those in positions of power have announced that they hope to turn on the open light sometime mid-May but that’s still weeks away and as Stephen King once said ‘you can wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which fills up faster’. The Covid induced shutdown has put your business on ice and you’re left to watch your company fail or try to forge ahead, business as usual and risk being charged with a misdemeanor because you blatantly ignored an essential business order.

At some point or another all businesses need to reinvent themselves or they run out of room to grow. Unfortunately for most us, we weren’t exactly ready to tackle reinvention or even in a place where we thought it necessary, but now you’re existing model isn’t functional and you’re spending your quaranTIME narrowly avoiding a full fledged meltdown, sharing coronavirus memes on your Insta story and contemplating cutting your own bangs. We beg you, put down the scissors and instead check out Episode 68, a second look at how you can ‘Crush Coronavirus Chaos” with co hosts Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts

“There is an opportunity here for innovation and invention” Gina encouraged “you have to rethink the way you’re doing things.”  

And Rachel echoed her optimistic challenge “don’t think that you have to do what you’ve always done…sometimes you have to do something different to get noticed.”

While Rachel talked specifically about fitness professionals taking the online class world by storm there are numerous other businesses who are successfully reshaping their business model to better face this unprecedented health crisis. 

Dance educators and studios are utilizing Facebook Live and Zoom to host online classes.

Restaurants are upping their take-out and delivery game. 

Even NASCAR who has been operating on the same strategy for 70+ years has made a fairly seamless transition to simulation racing on an online gaming platform. 

Other big names like Dyson, Apple and Ford have taken it upon themselves to design and produce ventilators and other protective equipment to better serve the American people on the frontlines. 

Obviously we’re not suggesting that you try to manufacture ventilators if you don’t have the capacity to do so but there is an opportunity to reinvent yourself so that you can survive over the long haul. 

“There’s a lot of individuals offering free content which is a really great thing to do” said Rachel. “The whole basis of all successful sales is ‘know, like, trust’, so you get involved now…[and] there’ll be people that become addicted to you…to your content.”

Still not sure how to make your brand work around the limitations put in place by Covid-19? The Women Your Mother Warned You About encourage you to reach out to them. Gina and Rachel are self-proclaimed idea factories and Gina’s company Pivot 10 Results’ whole premise is to identify your strengths and “pivot” around your weaknesses. 

If nothing else they can entertain and distract you from your worries with a solid rendition of Barbara Streisand’s “People.”

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