Stop Leaving Money on the Tradeshow Floor

What do you feel when I say the word TRADESHOW?

Anxiety, dread, overwhelm?

Or excitement?

Chances are you are in the first category of somewhat negative feelings towards participating in a tradeshow. You are not alone. A lot of business people know that tradeshows are where it’s at…they just don’t exactly know HOW to succeed at a tradeshow.

Guess what?

We’ve got the scoop on how to make every tradeshow a goldmine for lead generation!

In Episode 31, Gina and Rachel chat with Alice Heiman about what to do before, during, and after a tradeshow to optimize your success. After writing an eBook, blogging, and speaking about the topic, Tradeshow Makeover was born. She helps participants and organizers of tradeshows optimize their experience.

Alice explains that there are 3 keys to success in a tradeshow:

  1. Create a winning strategy and plan
  2. Dominate at the show by being memorable and making people want to talk to you
  3. Generate revenue by turning those leads into deals

Most people who sign up to participate in a tradeshow feel like if they have some gadget to giveaway with their logo on it and a few people to work the booth, that they are READY. 

Wrong…you’re not ready. You truly need to prepare.

But how?

Listen to the full episode for all of Alice’s tips on crushing it at a tradeshow.

Oh yeah…and find out how to leverage all the people you are missing out on connecting with at tradeshows…

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