Think Like a Buyer!

Think about the last time you went shopping for something…

You walk in the store and the salesperson approaches…

How do you feel?

I’m sure you can think of all kinds of scenarios.

When YOU are selling your product or service, if you think like a buyer, you’ll find a much higher level of success.

In Episode 22,  Gina and Rachel welcome Jerry Acuff entrepreneur, best-selling author and one of the top 15 sales experts worldwide, who says, “Stop acting like a seller and start thinking like a buyer.”

Here’s why…

It’s important to think about what you say, and how it “lands” on the potential buyer. The last thing you want to do it to come across as creepy, or pushy, or any of the other icky feelings that might prevent someone from wanting to do business with you.

When you ask a prospect your opening questions, start by asking yourself:

How will these words make them FEEL?

If the buyer does not feel safe, then they probably won’t answer you truthfully. If they don’t feel safe, they will not trust you. And, we all know that the best way to create a business relationship is to get a buyer to a point where they feel like they know, like, and trust you!

Create an environment for your buyer that:

  • Makes them feel safe,
  • Makes them feel that you are not biased,
  • Makes them feel like you have an open mind.

People hate to be “sold to” and yet people love to BUY. So, if people hate to be sold, then why should we try to SELL to them. Why not find ways to get people to “buy in” to what your product or service is all about?

I bet you’d like to know how this is done…

Take a listen to this and many more golden nuggets of sales knowledge that Jerry shared with the WYMWYA in Episode 22: Think Like a Buyer!

Grab one of Jerry Acuff’s three books: The Relationship Edge in Business, The Relationship Edge and Stop Acting Like a Seller and Start Thinking Like a Buyer. His favorite Jeffrey Gitomer book is the Little Red Book Of Selling and he credits Gitomer for much of his success.

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