‘Time to Shine’

We’ve always considered our hosts to have fairly interesting back stories; after all Gina Trimarco is the daughter of a mobster and Rachel Pitts made a living as a professional dancer before she entered the world of real estate. But their colorful histories barely hold a candle to that of our most recent guest Scott Ferguson, host of the Time to Shine Podcast, managing director of The Ferguson Real Estate and Investment Group and Chief Rainmaker at Ask4Ferguson-TopConnectors.

You’ll have to check out the full episode for all the details but let’s just say Montel Williams, Jenny Jones and Sally Jesse Raphael don’t reach out to just anyone. They reach out to people whose back stories involve baby smuggling, being orphaned, military service, rising to the top, losing it all, and eventually making your way back. They especially reach out if all of that happened to ONE person. 

Coming from what most would refer to as a ‘broken home’, Scott found his family while serving in the military. But it was in knowing that some might never find that opportunity he founded Time to Shine Today. “Our motto at Time to Shine is ‘we don’t want anyone to feel like they have no one.’ It comes from my abandonment background. So that’s why I try to put anybody that needs something in touch with the right person.”

Using the phrase ‘Let’s Level Up’ Scott uses his podcast and blog to help people improve their health, wealth and personal development. It’s in advertising select products that he provides people with various avenues to help them ‘level up’ so to speak. 

“I got my ask gear. I’m always asking [to interview] people that are going to know more than me. It’s so, one I won’t feel alone in a sense and, two I can pay it forward to other people.”

Just a quick once over of his podcast and we’ve found self-help books that aren’t just exclamatory sentences that sound exciting but completely lack substance and life experience or are just plain insulting as they tell you that you’re not trying hard enough (yes we’re looking at you Rachel Hollis). 

We found a media group that helps modern day heroes (firefighters, nurses, doctors, veterans, etc.) with everything from book publishing to podcast production to marketing strategies; as Scott calls it ‘a one stop shop for [heroes] that want to get their voice heard.’

We found a discussion he had with a mortgage broker who stepped in to guide listeners who are homeowners through the tricky pandemic so they don’t end up living under a bridge or squatting in someone else’s home while they’re listing it as a short sale. Not that there’s anything wrong with that Scott. 

And we found a business-life coach whose sole purpose is helping women live more genuine lives through the acronym SHINE; S – significance, H – harmony, I – intuition, N – navigate, E – engage.

What does Scott call all of these bits of advice? Knowledge nuggets. These take-aways are outlined with every episode to make even the most inept of auditory learners walk away with something powerful. 

When you’re done listening to Episode 77 where Rachel and Gina ask Scott if he’s a man their mothers warned them about (which he says he is), head over to Time To Shine Today to ‘level up’ your health, wealth and mindset. Let us know what you learn!

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