You CAN Sell in a Crisis

You CAN sell during a crisis. 

Really, how else would funeral homes make a go of it? We did say we’re irreverent right? Anyway, we know you were simply waiting for us to give you permission so now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to how. Lucky for us our most recent guest, Jen Gitomer, has a few tips.

Founder of Sales in a New York Minute and global sales and social media expert Jen assured us on Episode 71,  “people are definitely still spending money. The key is to be RELEVANT, both your messaging and your offer needs to be relevant.” 

If that means making the transition to offering your services virtually, do that. 

If it means that you tailor your product to be more focused on recovery than growth, go with it. 

If it means finally buckling down and writing that book everyone has been begging you to publish (yes you Gina Trimarco), sit your ass down and get some words on paper because who doesn’t want an extra revenue stream.

Next, spend this time building RELATIONSHIPS. “Invest your thoughts. Invest your time. Invest your goodwill.” said Jen. “ It’s kind of old school but you pick up the phone, you call them and say ‘Hey, I wanted to talk about what’s going on and how you’re doing?’ And you listen, that’s it.” Empathy goes a long way in nurturing and maintaining relationships. 

Finally, BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Believe in your product. “If you believe that they’re going to be better off then you have every right to ask for money for something you’re providing.” We think it goes without saying but how you respond to these unprecedented times is going to set the stage for your future success, “people are going to either emerge as leaders, or they’re going to be left behind.”  

Or as Rachel Pitts puts it “they’ll remember you gave a shit.”

And since believing in yourself is often the toughest part of any equation, Jen is designing a VIP community and online network that will establish mutually beneficial business babe matches and is perfect for all the “babes who are working their butts off right now getting through this, really wanting to step it up, and get to the next level.”  She’s going to help you find your tribe because as Rachel said “we’re powerful, super type-a, motivated, excited and always positive women but we cry in the shower sometimes because we don’t have someone to talk to.” 

It’s your party and you can cry if you want to but if you’d rather find some badass business women to cry to you can register for the Breakthrough Business Babes waitlist HERE! 



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