Ask for Help…and Get More of What You Want!

Sales Tips from Gina: Asking For Help Builds Relationships

“Excuse me sir, can I have some more?” is what goes through my mind lately while traveling and needing to ask for help constantly!

Several months ago I broke my right wrist, which required two surgeries and a lot of challenges since I’m right-handed. Not to mention I had an emergency appendectomy in the same time period, limiting how much weight I could lift for six weeks! As I travel a lot and have been unable to use my right hand to lift my bags on a plane, I’ve had no choice but to constantly ask for help.

Here’s the best-kept secret in creating relationships … people LOVE to help other people, even strangers, especially when you show your gratitude for their help!

This unexpected situation of mine has resulted in me meeting so many more strangers. I’m far from shy but I don’t usually start talking to strangers until I see a “buying cue” like eye contact, a smile, or a verbal “hi” from them.

Having to ask for help has forced me to initiate these “cold” conversations, which has led to real networking outside of my physical need for help. And this got me to thinking … WHAT IF we approached cold calling this way? And mind you, I hate cold calling (hear about that here with Anthony Iannarino on our podcast). Something magical happens when someone helps you without any expectations – you, as the receiver,  can’t help but appreciate him or her, as the giver, and want to do something to show your gratitude or form of reciprocation.

My two-part challenge to help you exercise your relationship-making muscle:

1) Find a reason to ask a stranger for help and thank them

2) Make a cold or warm call in the frame of “Can you help me with something?”, say “thank-you” and end the call. Take note of their reaction and behavior.

We’d love to hear what happens! Share with us!

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