Overwhelm: How to Overcome the Inevitable in Life and Business

The feeling of overwhelm is one we can all relate to, regardless of the fact that you are a woman or man, working or stay-at-home caregiver.

Overwhelm is a killer. It can kill your business and it can destroy your health.

In Episode 2, Gina and Rachel discuss how feelings of overwhelm can show up in life and offer you some tools to help in overcoming your moments of overwhelm.

Gina is a dog mom and Rachel is a kid mom. Despite who we are caring for, moments show up for us that disrupt the daily flow that we have planned.

Rachel says that as women, “We take care of things…we have to be able to multitask. And…that’s what leads to women getting so overwhelmed sometimes because we have all these things that we naturally are worried about and concerned about in terms of our daily life. At the same time, we are women who are working. We have all of our work obligations and we also don’t want something like our child and our dog being at the vet or at the doctor to interfere with our level of professionalism or to appear as if we’re letting it interfere because then we might appear…weak.”

It doesn’t need to be that way!

Any woman who has been through the terrifying moments of being a new mom and fearing that she will appear “less than” if she doesn’t instinctively know what to do in every new situation can probably relate to the crushing feeling of overwhelm.

What about in business life? What are some examples of overwhelm?

Is it possible you are overwhelming your sales prospects?

“I think is the best way to help prevent overwhelm and a prospect or client is to listen more and ask the right questions, but not too many of them and then listen. Asking too many questions or giving too much information tends to overwhelm people,” Rachel says.

“Sometimes all you have to say is, ‘tell me more about that’ and not ask so many questions because the questions overwhelmed people. This is something that we teach clients a lot about at Pivot 10 Results,” Gina adds.

So, what to do to keep from getting overwhelmed by life and business?

  • Breathe. Sounds simple, but sometimes we stop breathing altogether when we get stressed out. If things start to spiral into overwhelm. Take a moment to check your breathing.
  • Meditate. Start the morning out with some quiet time. Try one of the numerous apps out there that can guide you through a morning (or midday) meditation to calm your mind.
  • Take one thing at a time. Do what’s next. Go with the flow. Do your best. That’s enough.
  • When it comes to business, simply listen more. Really listen. Not just listening for the client to finish speaking so you can add your thoughts, but listen for what they truly need from you. This will create a better relationship, and reduce the stress you cause yourself by trying to control the situation entirely.

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